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Business intelligence for:

Waste and Recycling

A single version of the truth

Simplify the data that your company generates into user-friendly reports that drive faster decision making. 

Self-service analytics, every step of the way

Streamline all of your data to run your waste and recycling business as efficiently as possible. TARGIT gives you instant insight into your fleet management, facility management, finance, sales, and more.


Fleet Management

Track your fleet's key metrics to stay on top of maintenance and keep your business moving


With map overlays available, be sure your message is getting to every eligible customer


Monitor reports in near real time to anticipate and quickly react changes that impact your bottom line

Better decisions

Features that you keep everyone on the same page - wherever they are and whenever they need them

From telematics to website traffic, analyze everything in a single platform. Slice and dice your data to uncover trend and opportunities then embed your most useful dashboards into the programs you already use to keep powerful analytics at everyone's fingertips. 

Data comes from every part of your business - as well as outside data sources - and it's hard to know what will be useful. Easily load in data using TARGIT's data discovery module to analyze the new data alongside your existing data model.

You need real-time access to your data in a way that you can quickly interpret and act on. As soon as you have TARGIT installed and connected to your data sources, start building with TARGIT's pre-built gauges and charts then personalize the colors, design, and icons to suit your needs.

It's nearly impossible to manage your business from a single dashboard so TARGIT makes it easy to drill in and inspect the data. Manage your user access centrally with role-based permissions so that every user sees only what they need to.

When your fleet and crew are on the road, put real-time analytics in their pocket. Combine your telematics data with sales or weather data to provide your crew the most efficient routes. 

Analytics are at your fingertips with the full power of TARGIT available on most mobile devices. Within the app, customize your start screen with the most commonly used analyses and browse full color previews or search for everything else. 

Simplify your most tedious processes with automated reporting. Build the report once and have it sent automatically on a schedule or triggered by an event. 

Unlimited recipients means you can send updates to everyone inside or outside your organization while centralized security ensures each user only sees the data they are intended to see.

How to take the next step

Step away from the Excel spreadsheets - your analytics could use an upgrade. Follow these 3 steps to advance your business intelligence strategy and become a truly data-driven company.

A Selection of TARGIT Customers in the Waste Industry

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