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Wine Analytics, When & How You Need Them

View all of your data in interactive dashboards delivered directly where you work most with TARGIT Anywhere.

And rest easy knowing only right people see the right  data in data visualizations that are right for them thanks to TARGIT's robust data governance. Customize reports and dashboards tailored to specific roles with personalized icons relevant to wineries.
This is business analytics made for wineries.
TARGIT for Wine Laptop

Complete Overview of Winery Data

Break down the data silos. TARGIT Decision Suite's business analytics for wineries combines data from every data source throughout the company for a single, consolidated view from vineyard vines to store shelves and every step in between. User-friendly reports and analyses deliver answers instantly to your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
retail survey data collection & reporting

Never guess when or where to sell

Depletion data analysis
Automatically collects distribution and depletion data for comprehensive reporting and analysis
pricing manager & margin analysis
Generates market-ready pricing for all unique state pricing requirements
promotion optimization

Clear visibility into trade spending

retail survey

Know exactly what's happening at the shelves

Business Analytics for Direct to Consumer Wineries

TARGIT Decision Suite delivers data in easy-to-consume dashboards that let users click their way from high level numbers to in-depth details. Sales volume, gross margin, discounts, comps, tasting, and conversions to wine club data all at your fingertips. Dig into data by channel, wine educator, data, time of day, and more.

channel analysis

Instant insight into tasting room, online sales, wine club, and other relevant customer data. Improve cross-selling initiatives with strategies centered around customer buying habits. 

customer analysis

TARGIT Decision Suite for wineries delivers a lifetime view of customers across multiple wineries and locations. Segment customers and prospects by size and time, and buying history. Deeper knowledge and better insight enables better communication with targeted emails and nurturing campaigns thanks to seamless integration with CRM platforms.

market basket analysis

Market directly to customers based off of their relationship between your products. Insight into items typically purchased together will help you design better product placement and improve cross selling. 

wine educator analysis

Volume per sale, transaction, monthly totals, discounts, gross margins, and more customer data are at your fingertips. Identify successful educators to create cross-training opportunities. Boost morale and better incentivize employees with automated reports on employee performance.

Instant Insight into Every Sales Step

Make better decisions based on unprecedented insight with TARGIT's winery business analytics

recent sales

Is it a good week? Use this dashboard to compare this week’s activity to the same week last year. Not only the sales amount, but also how many tastings and the average sales size. You can easily analysis this information by channel and drill all the way down to the customer and item level.

sales and memberships

Where do your customers come from? With the Sales & Membership dashboard, you can take a geographic look at your sales and membership. What are your top states for sales and membership? How much does the average member purchase?

tasting room data

Understand what is selling in your tasting room. How are your salespeople performing? Compare this year to last year. What is selling in each club or channel, all the way down to the vintage.

wine club data

How is your wine club performing? Get insight to signups and cancellations. You can compare your different clubs to understand what membership types are truly successful and driving additional sales.


"We use it to run our entire business. It’s where our reporting comes from, all of our bonus programs, literally everyone uses that data. Everyone can understand our business better without needing to rely on anyone else to get them the data they need to make decisions. We couldn’t imagine life without TARGIT."

paul righello, business analyst, the hess collection

Simplified vineyard analytics

The epitome of work smarter not harder.

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