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In finance, you’re expected to ensure all financial reporting and planning is in place and accurately measures current performance and strategic objectives. For you, quick and trusted financial reporting software is a priority. Manual reporting takes up too much of your employees’ time, and static reports become outdated quickly. You need a business intelligence and analytics solution made for finance. You need TARGIT.

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End-to-end visibility and control of your P&L

With TARGIT, you get full visibility of your P&L and control of each account’s development. Stop wasting time with manual reports. Instead, your team can focus on loss analyses or special projects to support business growth or improve your bottom line.

  • Learn from the past with the opportunity to dive into the “why’s” of reports. 
  • Act fast when you need to with the help of automatic notifications.
  • Save time by automating recurring reports (reports are still not static – you can add criteria and drill to analysis mode).
  • Build and modify analyses and reports to match individual needs with a self-service interface.
  • Collaborate easily on the same data set by sharing analyses. 
  • Support growth and bottom line results with tools to analyze and predict both cost and performance.

Finance department

All financial sources, one tool

ERP, budgeting tools, and payroll are just some of the data sources for relevant information for finance. Some have homegrown databases and even multiple ERP systems in different business units. Consolidate data and make sense of it all with the TARGIT Decision Suite. Transform your company into a fully data-driven organization.

Forget about spreadsheet reporting... Seriously

Have you ever faced the challenge of creating an accurate business analysis from different spreadsheets spread among different owners? With TARGIT, everyone has access to the same data, standardizing reporting and focusing the business discussion more on data analysis and less on data reliability.

finance department

Our reporting process was a daunting and outdated method to tracking sales and depletions. With TARGIT, we went from the Stone Age to the electronic age overnight."

Patrick Dolim
CFO for Merryvale Vineyards

Cross-company and currency reporting

Consolidate data from multiple ERP systems in TARGIT and use the same reports for all your companies. With access control, it’s easy to manage if users need access to data from all companies, or just the entity they’re associated with.

Free eBook: Your ERP Project's Missing Link

Time and energy spent getting an ERP system up to speed is one of the chief reasons companies hesitate to incorporate business intelligence and analytics solutions. That shouldn’t be the case. Business intelligence and analytics platforms help businesses get more out of their ERP solution and they dramatically reduce the time to ROI for the ERP system. Learn why you should add BI and analytics before you install or upgrade your ERP solution.


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