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Business intelligence for the masses

Get to know the TARGIT Decision Suite: the market’s comprehensive governed business intelligence solution that you can mana​ge with your existing Microsoft competencies and a low cost of ownership.

Support your business with data from any source in a governed business intelligence environment. Decision makers throughout the organization can easily search for relevant information and build new dashboards and analyses as needed.

Need to access new data sources on the fly? TARGIT’s Data Discovery module lets anyone instantly tap into data sources outside the centralized data warehouse.

It’s the flexibility you need to make sure you have the solutions to today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s.

governed business intelligence across devices

A single, comprehensive governed business intelligence platform

Choosing TARGIT means you don’t have to pass on any of the business intelligence disciplines. You get them all in one consistent solution. 

You really can have it all

Real Time Dashboards
With dashboards that are easy to build and customize, you control the cockpit where intelligent business decisions are made.

Get the details on any figure in your dashboard, or use the Intelligent Wizard to create an analysis from scratch by typing in natural language.

One click is all you need to set up an automatic agent that notifies when you've achieved your goal or deviated from the norm.

Business decisions aren't made in dark server rooms; they're made in boardrooms, at the airport, and at meetings with customers and partners. To keep up, business intelligence has to be mobile.

TARGIT gives you a reporting solution that's directly integrated into your analytics engine. You're always just one click away from looking at data to working with it.

Let everyone in the organization know how close they are to their goals, or if they've already reached them and can aim higher. Showcase your most important dashboards throughout the company with storyboards.

High user adaptation and business ownership

From desktop clients, over net, native mobile clients, to integrations into your other platforms such as portals and large screen monitors, information reaches users as a part of their natural workflow. Read more about our client types.

With TARGIT’s award-winning ease of use, users don’t even need training to get up and running with their governed business intelligence project with the Decision Suite, and will soon be creating their own dashboards and analyses.

Take the workload off IT and center your focus on developing the foundation for strategic decisions.

governed business intelligence

Role-tailored access and security

With TARGIT, it’s easy to ensure users only have access to the information that’s relevant to them. Set up role-specific security on data sources and rest assured that users can explore the data defined for their role only, without accessing any other potentially confidential information.


TARGIT is so flexible that employees can customize the analyses to suit their individual needs.

Leif Thesmer
CTO at Matas

Fast implementation, fast ROI

A business intelligence solution is much more than a front-end tool. That’s why TARGIT connects to most data sources. With a range of different implementation options, TARGIT ensures you get the maximum value of your business intelligence and analytics investment – right away.

Choose between pre-built industry solutions, standard solutions for your data sources, or use TARGIT Professional Services or one of our many partners to build a solution tailored specifically to your business.

If you already have the data foundation in place, you can have you first dashboards ready within the first business day of set-up. Read more about the TARGIT Server and our deployment options.

Easy to control cost

IT projects of any size are notorious for packing unpleasant surprises. With TARGIT, you don’t have to write a check every time you need a new report or dashboard. Business users can easily build their own. And with a price structure that’s easy to understand, you don’t get any surprises when your project takes off - and with TARGIT it most certainly will.

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