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Prove your team's investments with data analysis. Show the impact on company revenue in real time with hard numbers.

Are you using multiple marketing analytics systems to understand your customers, markets, and campaigns? When analyzing data requires experts, do you end up wasting your budget on IT staff and consultants instead of campaigns that improve your brand and generate leads for your organization?

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One platform for all your marketing analytics data

With TARGIT, you only need one user-friendly tool to analyze data from all your systems.
  • Integrate all your CRM, ERP, web metrics, and other marketing data into one platform to understand your marketing performance. 
  • View dashboards and with one click to start analyzing underlying data and spot new trends as they appear. 
  • Easily share information with those who need real-time insight into your data. 

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Prove the effectiveness of marketing investments

With TARGIT Decision Suite, not only do you get the insight you need for important business decisions, but your data is accessible to the rest of the organization, making it easier to prove the effect of campaigns and new initiatives. Tools like the Data Discoverer let you pull in data from outside sources such as social media and market surveys to show how your brand is developing.
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Track your campaign’s performance

Easily compare the effectiveness of different marketing channels and focus your investments where they matter most.
  • Monitor email marketing campaigns and online advertisements with user-friendly dashboards. 
  • Effectively manage product launch campaigns, zeroing in on the best customers and partners to leverage according to specific criteria. 
  • Understand online activities and see how many new sales originated from marketing activities. 
  • Receive goal completion notifications. Set up alerts to notify you if anything falls out of parameters that you set. Get actionable insight into what’s inactive or needs work. 
  • Analyze search engine traffic to understand keywords. Use the insights to improve your search rankings.

Ad-hoc analytics

Customer surveys and other one-off analyses are often dropped into spreadsheets, barely scratching the surface of results and running the risk of not clearly communicating findings to other important decision makers. TARGIT imports ad-hoc data with a simple drag and drop, and analyzes it so it can be shared and communicated with ease.

View data from new angles by adding the latest market or survey data to get the most current picture of the marketplace. With TARGIT, you’re never limited to existing dashboards, analysis, or reports. It’s easy to modify existing work to reflect your needs, or simply create them from scratch.

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Most people would be surprised if they knew how big the difference is between facts and gut instinct in a company like ours. As a CEO, my biggest responsibility is to find the right combination of facts and the designer’s gut feeling of where fashion is heading.

Carsten Lauritsen
CEO, Message

Big data and marketing

Marketing and big data go hand in hand, but many organizations still struggle to get started with their big data project.

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Be the marketing hero

Be the leader of the marketing department and spot the opportunities before your competitors do. Are you ready to launch your marketing analytics to the next level?