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Insight for the agile supply chain

To manage your supply chain, you need the high-level overview of how the supply chain as a whole is performing, but the deep and detailed insights are just as important. You also want to be able to instantly react to changes.

TARGIT Decision Suite was designed to support agility in every decision across the business. With TARGIT as your supply chain business intelligence solution, you'll always know how each area of your supply chain is performing.

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How does BI help with supply chain management?

TARGIT lets you manage your supply chain with intuitive dashboards. Integrate all data sources from your supply chain into high-level dashboards and detailed analyses that allow you to track, manage, and act on your operational performance.

You always have the most recent data available to drive your operations forward. When you have more questions, TARGIT Decision Suite is a self-service tool that allows any decision maker to discover more details on their own.


We have gained much easier access to production data and now have a better overview of the accumulated data. TARGIT helps us focus on efficiency because the system provides the needed information to make more qualified decisions.

Martin Kragh
Logistics Executive at Vikan

Operational analytics for all areas of the supply chain

No matter what role you play in your company’s supply chain management team, there is a way that TARGIT Decision Suite will simplify your day.

The top executives get the overall view of the performance, the procurement and logistics managers get tailored analytics to support their daily decisions, and the warehouse workers always know if they are keeping up with their daily metrics.

Improve key metrics of the value chain

There is a wide range of elements that can be improved outside the walls of your company, but there are plenty of opportunities for improving the performance inside your own company. So get started and get on top of your inventory and deliveries.

With TARGIT you're always on top of key performance indicators such as
  • Inventory turnover
  • Order fill rates
  • Service levels
  • Perfect order
  • Carrying cost
Easily drill down to see the exact numbers by product group, vendor, or customer classification.

Improve supplier performance

Take the lead in the relationship with your suppliers and present them with real time data and benchmarks against your industry's best. Measure compliance and consolidate your procurement process in one place. Track and improve critical KPIs such as:
  • Supplier on-time deliveries 
  • Service performance 
  • Raw material quality 
  • Contract fulfillment

With TARGIT supply chain business intelligence, it's easy to select and monitor the KPIs that have the most effect on your business.

Share with your supply network

Winning the marketplace is not a task for a single organization. It requires an effective supply network. Make sure your BI solution benefits the whole supply chain by integrating TARGIT into external facing portals and providing your suppliers or customers with real time insight into data that is relevant for them. Let suppliers know about damaged goods or customers about current stock level so they than place their order in time.

SharePoint Snapshop

TARGIT integrates with any data source

Whether you’re using WMS, ERP, TMS, WCS, LMS, PLM, CRM, or any other data source, TARGIT Decision Suite is designed to integrate all your data into one place. Gain instant access to all the information you need to make those critical decisions that can help you reach your strategic goals and achieve operational excellence.

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Embedded BI

With TARGIT, you can embed dashboards and analytics into the applications that you use all day. You don’t need to search for information anymore; its right there in your ERP system or company portal. The data will automatically reflect the context in which it's placed. So make an analysis once, and you automatically get the detail for every product and product group. This is a true time saver.

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Keep your supply chain moving smoothly with business intelligence and analytics. Ready to boost your insight to the next level?