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As CEO, it's your job to monitor performance and communicate direction. TARGIT allows for data transparency, giving you the critical facts to make business decisions faster and more intelligently than ever. Break down company silos and always rest easy with the knowledge that every decision maker in your organization has the information they need to analyze and adapt to changing conditions. Empower everyone with the courage to act.

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Build a data-driven organization

Manual reports and spreadsheets are a waste of time. Even worse, they’re often unreliable and inaccurate. You've just found a better way.

We designed TARGIT to allow for full data transparency, empowering everyone to use data optimally. Connect data from sales, marketing, finance, and operations to ensure every executive has the same information to lead, manage, and communicate. Always up-to-date, always available.

  • Detect patterns, see the direct impact of decisions, and use that information to build your strategy. 
  • Support tough decisions with critical facts from multiple data sources. 
  • Build a dashboard and drill deeper to understand the reasons.
  • Get automatic reports on each business area and give guidance to other C-level managers.
  • Lead a data-driven company to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Stop wasting time on data gathering or validation, make decisions quickly, and gain a first-mover advantage over competitors.


We can measure how the customer responds to our marketing initiatives, and it makes us almost capable of predicting what the customer will do next. We can see what time of week we sell the most and in this way, the tool can help us optimize our performance.

Kristoff Tillieu, Finance and Development Director
of Top Brands, the master franchiser of Pizza Hut

What do CEOs say are their favorite TARGIT features?

Monitor the health of your company. One click to learn more.

Get notifications directly on your desktop or mobile device if specific KPIs go out of range.

Use mobile capabilities to get your insights wherever you are, whenever you need them.

Motivate by displaying KPIs and dashboards on monitors throughout the company.


Is your company letting precious dollars slip through the cracks?

Trust in TARGIT to help your organization achieve peak performance and long-term competitiveness. It’s time to shape new strategies and disrupt your industry. We’ll make sure you have access to the data you need to do it - internal and external, big and small. Let’s get started.

The journey to becoming data-driven starts with data transparency

In a post-recession business world, how do you know that you're operating as effectively and efficiently as possible? Without this question concretely answered, you're leaving money on the table.

For larger corporations, a single slip could cost millions of dollars in lost profits. For smaller companies, it could mean death. This constantly puts the strategic, analytical, and management skills of the C-level executives to the test.

analytics driven organization

Honors and awards

  • Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, recognized for leading applications and development.
  • BARC’s No. 1 BI vendor worldwide for innovation, online data analysis, and data discovery
  • Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Company, and largest worldwide BI vendor for Microsoft Dynamics ERP
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