Aer rianta

Improved Productivity and Operations for Aer Rianta International

about the company

Aer Rianta International North America Inc. (ARINA) was created as a subsidiary of Aer Rianta International to manage business opportunities in the Canadian retail duty free market and is responsible for the duty free operations at Montreal Dorval and Mirabel Airports and the main international airports in Ottawa, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

their challenges

  • The company had trouble quantifying the value of their Runway Duty Free locations to the host airport with hard numbers to back them up
  • Individual employees had no insight into their contributions to the company
  • Managers were pulling data from the ERP system and manually creating reports in Excel

how we helped

  • TARGIT's self-service analytics makes it easy for employees from every department to create reports themselves
  • Employee engagement increased with the ability to see how efforts contribute to corporate goals and objectives
  • It's easy to quantify the value of Runway Duty Free locations to the host airports which helps the company negotiate and apply for new tenders
Airport retail shop

"We can say confidently that TARGIT will help the ARINA management and the regular user to be more productive and efficient"

Catalin momirla, IT Manager

"TARGIT is a perfect match and wows upper management; we were sold on how easy and interactive the TARGIT suite was," says Catalin Momirla, IT manager of Aer Rianta International North America (ARINA).

After implementing TARGIT Decision Suite, ARINA was thrilled that the company's Finance, Purchasing, and Inventory Control departments, and even store managers were able to create analyses easily and generate individual reports with a common language thanks to TARGIT's business intelligence and analytics for airports solution.

As a result of the common language reporting, employee engagement increased as they had the ability to see how their efforts contributed to the corporate goals and objectives. These corporate goals and objectives were now materialized as KPIs within TARGIT, which helped management and all employees easily understand where the company stood on a daily basis.

Besides creating reports easily, TARGIT gives ARINA more leverage doing negotiations or applications for new tenders by making it easier to quantify the value of their Runway Duty Free locations to the host airport. To assist with this, TARGIT BI Suite enables ARINA to run reports that analyze their historical capture rate, amount spent per passenger and gross margin by product category. Catalin Momirla states, "Before TARGIT, we combined the needed data from our ERP system and typed it into multiple Excel spreadsheets, but it was a long and meticulous process. With TARGIT, we can analyze and view the data needed in one cohesive report. The overall benefit when applying for new tenders is that we can run scenarios like "what will the impact be on sales and profitability if our capture rate increases by 1, 2, or 3%?"

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