2M KABLO stays out of the dark with TARGIT's self-service BI

2M KABLO is one of Turkey's top manufacturers of industrial cables for power, transportation, and communication. In order to keep the country running, they need ensure they're always operating as optimally as possible. 

Before TARGIT, it would typically take 2M KABLO employees a week to create a new scrap analysis -- a critical KPI for overall company productivity, efficiency, and budgetary waste. That's because the company's data is stored throughout multiple local solutions including the ERP system, project planning system, and general management system.

Because data from one system could not be automatically integrated with data from another, employees needed to spend hours pulling all data into Excel, then create a report from there. 2M KABLO was stuck in a classic case of spreadsheet hell. That's why they turned to TARGIT.

After assessing the company's needs, TARGIT partner NYD was able to implement the OLAP cubes and initial reports that provided 2M KABLO with a self-service business intelligence and analytics solution. Now every employee who needs to be in the know can easily create reports and analyses from scratch in a matter of minutes. The TARGIT Decision Suite pulls data from all of 2M KABLO's data sources and makes it easy to see changes in real time.

Today, 2M KABLO also uses TARGIT to analyze performance evaluations for sales personnel. These reports are sent to each individual sales person once a week, every week. Evaluations are also sent to production staff and planning managers. This way, each employee can track their own performance week by week and managers can stay on top of overall performance. 

Every member on the 2M KABLO sales team has access to their own TARGIT client so they can enter their personal sales analyses and drill down into their numbers through the TARGIT Net client to get even deeper into their specific sales numbers.

The TARGIT Decision Suite is even a part of proposal preparation. 

"We were spending a lot of time preparing proposals without the right information, and therefore lost sales opportunities," says Fatil Özgul, 2M KABLO General Manager. "Data is coming from multiple systems, but not everyone had the data available when they needed it. Now, our sales people can create the proposals a lot faster, and we can maintain the opportunities. That makes everyone happy."

Thanks to the TARGIT Decision Suite, 2M Kablo has quick and easy access to the data they need when they need it. And that keeps everyone out of the dark.

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2m Kablo

2M KABLO was established in 1993 in Istanbul and has sales offices in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir and a sales office and warehouse in Moscow.