3F relies on TARGIT to unify Denmark's largest labour union

There's a lot riding on the way 3F does business in Denmark; 380,000 members to be exact. As the largest labour union in Denmark, 3F needed to help their 2,650 employees throughout the company spend more time representing their members and less time waiting for the information they needed to help them do so.

Before TARGIT, the task of delivering basic reports to employees was in the hands of a select few in the company's IT department. As 3F experienced increased demands for deeper understanding of company data, bottlenecks piled up and they knew business intelligence was the solution. 

When selecting a BI tool, finding a platform that brought the right insight to all employees was the top priority. The technology needed to be self-service, so non-technical employees could pull reports and analyses whenever necessary, and delivery information in a way that made sense to everyone who used it.

After reviewing a number of solutions that claimed to be self-service business intelligence and analytics, they selected the TARGIT Decision Suite for the platform's user friendliness and low learning curve. 3F has reported notable results from the outset of implementation. 

3F uses Microsoft SQL Server for integration of data from the member, task, and finance systems. Data is gathered in a data warehouse that users then access through TARGIT.

"The Microsoft platform with TARGIT on top provides us with flexible tools that we use, among other things, for creating an overview of the inquiries received from our members," explains Torben Fischer, Head of IT at 3F. "In that way, we know how to adjust our services so they match the needs of our members."

Utilizing know-how

"We have gained huge operational savings," says Fischer. "In terms of administration, the solution also gives us a great advantage because now we can push data and statistics out to the users so they can find the information they need when they need it on their own. This means faster case processing and an increased flexibility which is beneficial to both our members and employees. Today all employees in our 80 departments can manage the solution from TARGIT with a minimum of education."

Business intelligence is now a central tool in 3F's effort to strengthen and secure the organization for the future. The time saved on handling data translates directly to a higher level of service for union members.

"We possess lots of know-how within the company, and we need to use it to reveal and work on our weak points so that we can constantly improve at running a labor union," says Fischer.

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