Improvng the level of service quality and achieving faster recovery and rehabilitation for patients

Medical and administrative staff cooperation
In every healthcare organization there are two main groups of human resources: the team that deals with administrative issues and the team dealing with medical issues. Traditionally, when we refer to the administrative staff, the difference is crystal clear: This mainly happens because the high specialization and the time-consuming duties of medical staff prevent dealing with administrative issues.

With the implementation of the TARGIT in Animus, these two human resources groups have now acquired a user friendly platform that enhance communication and cooperation. All stakeholders have now access to the management information. The combination of medical and administrative activities with the financial organizational overview is done in real time. Access to information is easy from anywhere using the web possibilities of TARGIT. Thus, heads of departments now participate in organization’s information. For the organizational need for BI, the company's COO, Mr. Sotiris Xydis, says: "The need for business intelligence generated through the large volume of information that was not easy to present, manage and utilize”.

Data records form patients sessions
Although TARGIT Decision Suite has been implemented as a BI tool, Animus has found another operation as well.  Animus has invested in high-tech medical equipment with various capabilities. This specialized equipment enables the data recording from the sessions with patients. This feature has been easily integrated into TARGIT (connection with any data source), thus all information from sessions are now available to medical staff in real time. In this way the involvement of the medical and nursing staff with the BI is not occasionally and temporary but is an integral part of their daily practice. "The presentation of TARGIT really impressed us. We could see very easily any information we wanted and to deepen in the data to analyze them from different angles. We immediately realized that TARGIT is the most modern and affordable BI tool in the market and of course the return of our investment would be done immediately” says Mr. Xydis.

The benefits of a BI tool in Healthcare
The typical role of a Business Intelligence system is to offer the organization the possibility to acquire the business overview and its in-depth analysis, in order to achieve competitiveness and efficiency. A part of improving the efficiency and competitiveness is related to the clients that now enjoy even more improved services. However, what happens if the organization belongs to healthcare industry? How may a BI tool benefit a healthcare organization? Could these benefits “transmitted” to patients?

Providing health services is a highly complex and dynamic activity whose implications are not only social but economic as well. One of the core functions of TARGIT’s implementation in Animus is to watch, track and analyze the staff’s performance (medical and nursing). This analysis is utilized in conjunction with medical data, derived from monitoring the progress of the rehabilitation and recovery of patients, but also from patients’ satisfaction records. In this way, Animus is able to continuously improve the level of service quality and achieve faster recovery and rehabilitation for patients.

BI Trends

BI Trends

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It is the first certified Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in Greece and is considered as one of the most modern and specialized Rehabilitation and Recovery Centers also in the Balkans. It started operating in Larissa in May 2008 and from the first day has become the benchmark for high-level nursing. With modern facilities, advanced medical technology and equipment and a dynamic team of health scientists and nurses, ANIMUS stands out from the competition and has redefined not only the quality of services but also the patients’ recovery percentage.