Easy Access for All Employees in the Organization

All departments using TARGIT at BELLINGER have obtained a far more direct access to decision supporting information. Thus, the resources previously used when acquiring this information have been saved and replaced by more value-adding work.

Additionally, a better overview of numerous important areas has been obtained, enabling a far more effective process of decision making. “To guarantee the best possible utilization of the potential of each employee, TARGIT is considered necessary. The fast access to information is a crucial part of making the right decisions – and hereby attain financial benefits,” states Logistics Manager Claus K. Villumsen.

When the use of TARGIT Decision Suite spreads and matures even more, the attainment of the following years’ strategic goals will be supported significantly by using the information retrieved from TARGIT. “TARGIT creates a clear overview of each employee’s field of responsibility and in most cases the employee can use the time otherwise reserved for data analysis to make decisions,” explains Claus K. Villumsen and continues: “TARGIT meets the requirements of flexibility and scalability. Yet, the user interface is very intuitive, which means easy access for all employees in the organization.“

The solution had to be applicable on a strategic as well as an operational level. This meant that the BI system had to be able to support business and organizational specific processes on the operational level while being able to generate more general and strategic key figures according to known methods, for instance Balanced Scorecard. “Being a relatively small organization, it was important for us to find a system which did not primarily match the needs of larger companies in its price structure. At the same time, we have a close corporation with other organizations, and, in the long term, we see great opportunities in sharing information such as sales forecasts and sales budgets with these organizations throughout the world. Our central wish was to start up with a small system that could be scaled to fit our increasing growth step by step,” says Claus K. Villumsen. 

Growth demanded data transparency
BELLINGER’s ERP system, SAP Business One, delivers data for analysis purposes in TARGIT, and TARGIT Decision Suite is employed for purchase management, quality management as well as in the sales organization. “We want this development to continue, and we would like to create a direct link between our strategy and the measurable indicators on the actual development using TARGIT,” tells Claus K. Villumsen.

It was the rapid growth of the company that made BELLINGER look for a BI solution. It became increasingly more difficult for the decision makers throughout the organization to provide the necessary data. Gradually, the employees’ resources allocated to creating reports in Excel sheets became overwhelming, and given that BELLINGER rather would use their resources doing value-adding work for their clients. They do that with TARGIT. 

BI Trends

BI Trends

Bellinger TARGIT Business Intelligence

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