Bianco Keeps a Finger on the Future with TARGIT Decision Suite 

Bianco Footwear has had the vision of creating an international footwear brand inspired by art, culture, and music since its founding more than 30 years ago. The brand has since established itself as a sidewalk fashion company, and is recognized as one of the most successful retail franchises in northern Europe. The company has since expanded its high fashion footwear business to include accessories such as handbags, wallets, sunglasses, and scarfs.

With an ever-expanding product line and more than 60 franchise and independent locations throughout Europe, Bianco turned to TARGIT Decision Suite to help them gain insight into performance. Because some stores are franchises and others are independently-owned retailers of the Bianco brand, the company needed in-depth oversight into the operations of each individual shop in order to gauge performance and streamline operations.

This was a perfect job for TARGIT partner Accobat. With a firm footing and history of success in Denmark, Accobat had experience, expertise, and ability to be an on-hand presence during Bianco’s BI and analytics implementation together with TARGIT. 


A Finger on the Pulse of Fashion

Bianco employees rely on TARGIT’s intuitive dashboards, reports, and analyses to help fuel data-driven decisions about new products and collections based on current performance. One such daily report provides a continuously updated snapshot of stock levels in every store throughout Europe so employees can ensure each location is proactively supported with the products they need.

TARGIT Decision Suite also automatically delivers an overview of sales for each individual Bianco store. Different variables, such as store operating hours, are automatically factored in to each report. This level of detail ensures individual store turnover from year to year is measured accurately and fairly. Without TARGIT, this would have had to have been entered manually.

With a comprehensive understanding of how products are performing throughout Europe now, employees in the design and purchasing departments can stay ahead of the ever-shifting fashion trends and better plan for the future. Furthermore, the design department can dig into the details of each product in their reports, analyzing based on color, material, and style. 

“In the fashion industry, it’s all about keeping up and having one’s finger on the pulse,” says Stine Kristensen, Controller at Bianco.  “We use TARGIT to look into the products and see how the collections must be created. It’s a great support for the design department and for the purchasing department.”

Fellow Bianco Controller Tina L. Hansen agrees: “We use TARGIT in virtually all functions, which allows us to pay close attention to what we are selling and we have in storage. We have developed a report that provides us with a continuously updated snapshot, meaning that we are able to support each store and make sure they have the products they need.”


Improved Customer Service

This insight has helped Bianco improve their customer service and loyalty. If a particular product is not currently in stock, employees at every retail store can tell customers where they can find it in just a few mouse clicks instead of spending time tracking that style down on the phone.

“This supports our ambition of providing a high level of customer service,” says Hansen.
True to their company mission, Bianco is never satisfied with the status quo. Accobat is always on-hand to work directly with employees to improve, expand, and customize the solution for the company’s precise needs.

“We are constantly developing our TARGIT solution. Currently we are in the process of developing a customer club and we need a lot of things to cooperate, and we need a lot of information. Accobat helps us develop a solution that can make it easier for us.”
Since implementing TARGIT Decision Suite, Bianco employees consider themselves part of a truly data-driven organization. 

“The TARGIT solution has a range of automatic features and our entire collection is built around data,” says Kristensen.  “We are able to monitor the performance of every single product down to which color is the most popular. Furthermore, we are able to add to the solution should we discover a new opportunity or function. TARGIT has become a natural part of our everyday lives.”

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Bianco Footwear, today part of the BESTSELLER group, has since its early beginning had a vision of creating an international brand inspired by art, culture, music and street art creating a ”sidewalk”- brand. Since it was founded, the corporation has expanded massively and is today one of the most successful franchises in Northern Europe, furthermore, Bianco Footwear now has an accessory line featuring bags, wallets, sunglasses and scarfs.
Read more about Bianco Footwear: www.bianco.dk