Quicker Response to the Customers’ Questions than ever Before

We wanted a result-oriented way of working throughout the organization, and with TARGIT, we can support this way of working.

In order to put this into operation, the entire Bosman organization need to be well-informed, they need information transparency and they need to be able to pro-actively share information. These are key elements that Bosman has achieved by using TARGIT.

TARGIT is fully embedded in Bosman’s SharePoint environment and it is used on every level in the organization: The Management team, the team leaders, and the staff within Purchase, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc. The TARGIT solution is significantly speeding up the reporting process in general.

Looking back, Mario van Will says: “Back then, the main reason to buy TARGIT was that we needed an easy-to-use tool to develop reports. We were using Excel and at the same time trying to make reports using Dynamics NAV, but this did not meet our needs”. And he continues: ”But if you use TARGIT for that purpose only, you are limiting yourself and your organization! We need TARGIT because we need an instrument that allows us to substantiate the strategic choices that we make. TARGIT gives us the facts and feedback on this. Clearly, we need to track this every day, and we need to involve the entire organization. So it is not just making analyses on things like turnover of margins”.

Dashboards replace reports
Additionally, Bosman has moved away from making reports for departments or specifically on sales, finance and purchase and instead towards dashboards.

TARGIT monitors 7 KPIs:

  • Turnover and margins
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Customer Value
  • Customer Retention
  • Delivery
  • Complaints
  • Volumes (products, stock etc).

On these topics, Mario van Will has grouped TARGIT documents into 3 categories: Guidance, Steering and Performance/Execution.

Typically, the analyses in the Guidance category are strategic by nature; high level, looking at trends, and focusing on the strategy and the alignment of the operation. The analyses in the Steering category are meant for the team leader sand they are focusing on questions like: Are we on track? Do the figures match? Finally, the analyses in the Performance/Execution category are operational, and they are able drill down to the individual transactions with a supplier or a customer on order processing etc.

“The reason why we have done this, is because we want our employees to understand what they are looking at”, says Mario van Will, and underlines that TARGIT is being used by employees in all departments at all levels throughout the organization.

Enabling responsible and result-oriented employees
“TARGIT allows our staff to take responsibility, be pro-active and act entrepreneurial. Our aim is to help making better and quicker decisions on a strategic and tactical level. TARGIT brings the transparency of information that we want to bring to every member of staff in Bosman”, says Mario van Will.

TARGIT’s real ROI lies in the ability to make better decisions by everyone in the organization. The payback is: fewer mistakes, quicker response to the customers’ questions.

Mario van Will underlines the importance of involving the employees in the business processes in order to make them contribute to obtaining the results that the organization focuses on. We have been using TARGIT effectively as an instrument to mobilize our staff.

Bosman is launching a number of SharePoint portals within the organization, and in each portal you will find a TARGIT component. We are now using SharePoint to work on projects where the project performance is monitored using TARGIT analyses.

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Bosman is a supplier of healthcare and medical products offering individuals, care professionals and healthcare institutions a full range of medical products. Bosman is a family business with a history of over 75 year. The company has more than 150 highly specialized employees servicing its customers throughout the Netherlands. Bosman has managed to stay succesful in the increasingly competitive marketplace.