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CBS has more than 200 TARGIT users and 9 super users, and many of them use TARGIT on a daily basis. “I can use TARGIT Business Intelligence & Analytics in analyses directly on my screen, and that saves me a lot of time and improves the quality of my work. Previously, I had to insert it into Excel and it was a time-consuming process. TARGIT gives me and my colleagues a better work tool, and we can provide our management and colleagues faster and better than before,” tells Business Development Manager, Camilla Schreiner Andersen.

Management at CBS is very focused on measurements and quantitative overviews and TARGIT helps make these things easily accessible: “As in many other organizations, the economy at CBS is under pressure, and it is important that we are good at managing our resources – and that is what TARGIT helps us do,” says Camilla Schreiner Andersen.

Currently, the solution is only used internally. “Today, we can deliver data from just about all relevant business areas through TARGIT. We are now working on consolidating our solutions and benefit from even more of the features that TARGIT offers. I expect that within the next couple of years we are able to support decisions and processes to a far larger extend,” says Camilla Schreiner Andersen and continues: “I am extremely pleased with TARGIT – I think it is an amazing tool. It is extremely fast to work with and it can provide significantly more data than we were able to see in the past. It has a great influence on the people in Business Management as it is our responsibility to deliver analyses and statistics for CBS. But also in other departments I can see that TARGIT helps make the business processes more efficient. The easy access to TARGIT saves time and helps us optimize the way we work.”

Camilla Schreiner Andersen explains that CBS is a decentralized organization, and the easy access to data increases democracy and gives the employees a greater understanding of their performance. She elaborates: “There are a lot of people who want information and having TARGIT makes it easier for these people to find that information. Easy accessibility makes people want to use the system and that ensures a higher data quality. Access to information also heightens the professionalism in the organization.”

Today, just about all significant data sources deliver data for CBS’s TARGIT solution. CBS uses TARGIT on data from finance, salary, absence, classrooms, research publications, HR, students, energy etc. The plan is to expand TARGIT in the organization. “It is our ambition that we get all important management information from our BI solution and we are definitely getting closer,” says Camilla Schreiner Andersen.

BI was a strategic choice
At CBS, there was an increasing need for strengthening internal BI. Demands for data supply and analyses for internal decision makers and external authorities were growing. Therefore, BI was included in the strategy towards a better resource management and better process and decision support.

“Previously, we spent a lot of time delivering data and it could take up to a week to get certain types of data. Now we can do it continuously and save time,” explains Camilla Schreiner Andersen and continues: “By gathering our data sources into a single data warehouse we have easy access to basic information and that makes it easier to create great management information and thereby support the decision making processes at CBS.”

The decision of investing in TARGIT was made after a demonstration. “TARGIT seemed to be able to meet our needs,” says Camilla Schreiner. TARGIT was implemented immediately after the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. “The price was reasonable and the solution very user friendly,” ends Camilla Schreiner Andersen.

BI Trends

BI Trends

Copenhagen Business School TARGIT Business Intelligence

Copenhagen Business School has around 15,000 students and an annual intake of around 1,000 exchange students. With this number of students as well as around 400 full-time researchers and around 500 administrative employees, CBS is one of the three largest business schools in Northern Europe.