TARGIT University pays off in dividends for Finance Department at DANÆG

DANÆG is a leading supplier of convenience egg products to bakeries, the food service sector, and the food industry in Denmark and abroad. In recent years, the company has expanded rapidly into additional international markets with a growing product list. The strongly competitive market requires an intense focus on business optimization, so DANÆG enlisted the help of the TARGIT Decision Suite.

DANÆG now had one of the industry’s most powerful business intelligence and analytics solutions at their fingertips, but lacked the training to take full advantage of the tool. Until recently, the company had relied on consultants for any complex analyses and reporting tasks within TARGIT.

Gaining Insight at TARGIT University

In order to best take advantage of the tools and capabilities of TARGIT Decision Suite, DANÆG registered six members of the company’s Finance Department in a TARGIT University program with a focus on efficiency improvement and a strengthened focus on analyses and financial reporting. These employees would be DANÆG’s first in-house TARGIT experts.

“We wanted to find a high level of in-house knowledge on our BI solution in order to gain valuable data-based business knowledge through continuous insights in current numbers and analyses,” says Hans Christian Lei, DANÆG CFO. Niels Nybro Bolding, DANÆG IS/ERP Manager adds, “Based on a desire to gain a more complete picture of and control with our business data, we chose to upgrade our TARGIT competencies to become capable of seeking the full value of our TARGIT tool. The courses have kick-started a value-adding learning process that leaves a distinct mark on our work with business optimization.”


Providing a significant lift of skills

After four days in TARGIT University, the benefits of these comprehensive classes extended beyond just a significant lift in TARGIT skills for DANÆG employees. The common learning experience provided them each with new tools and inspiration for their work as a team. Together, they experienced a new form of collaboration, learned from each other’s approaches to problem solving, and gained deeper insight into individual and group capabilities.

“The method for collaboration used at the courses has given us new insight into each other’s approaches and strengths,” says Bolding. “The course program has acted as a kind of mental team building, which has gotten us closer as a team and strengthened and expanded our collaboration. The competence profile of the team as a whole has become more complete. The team is better compounded because of a stronger consciousness about the combination of skills in the department. Our new form of collaboration gives us constructive challenge procedures. And we now tend to evaluate the different systems against each other more often.”


Thanks to these advanced TARGIT University classes, the participants felt they walked away with a more profound understanding of data composition. This deeper comprehension of cube structures, dimensions, and correlations has enabled them to establish new models and gain new business insights. The new ability to create easily accessible analyses and financial reports based on relevant KPIs ensures the Finance team and the executives remain continuously informed of company progress.

Meeting market changes

TARGIT gives DANÆG a crucial overview of the entire value chain. It’s easy to keep a sharp focus on the company’s current focus of optimal supply chain and cost management. Strategically, TARGIT helps DANÆG ensure they have the ability to meet market changes - such as an increased demand for organic eggs and corresponding drop in demand for caged eggs - as they happen. TARGIT’s Intelligent Agents and ad-hoc analyses capabilities ensure employees are never taken by surprise with negative results. Problems are spotted and addressed instantly. 


Additionally, TARGIT enables DANÆG to have a constant eye on product effectiveness and cost data all the way down the supply chain. They’re also monitoring sales and customer profitability. And the company has improved their entire supply chain by not only acting on their data, but by sharing it with suppliers so they too can gain insight on what’s best working and what’s not.

Making better decision with easy-to-do financial reports and ad-hoc analytics 

“The overview TARGIT provides allows us to act out a more proactive strategy; a strategy based on knowledge from data,” says Bolding. “Instead of delivering analyses and reports by request, we’ve scheduled them to be delivered automatically to the appropriate people throughout the organization. This initiative enables us to make the right decisions, at the right time, in the right place in the organization.” 

This simple and rapid access to data has not only generated valuable new company and market insight, but has opened the doors to increased data discovery and exploration throughout the organization. New uses for TARGIT are constantly evolving as employees think of exciting new ways to utilize the data that had previously been just beyond their reach.

“The higher speed to data that our upgrade in TARGIT has resulted in allows us to gain maximum return on investment from the solution,” says Lei. “The opportunity for easily accessible ad-hoc analyses and easy-to-do financial reports makes us wise on our business and enables us to act more effectively and make better decisions. It’s an established fact that our investment in Business Intelligence has very much paid off.”

BI Trends

BI Trends


DANÆG is a Danish and Swedish owned group made up DANÆG A/S, DANÆG Products, Kronägg, and Källbergs, with a total of 300 employees. The DANÆG concern actualized a growth in revenue in 2013 which amounted to 1.157 million Danish Kroner (approximately 1.12 million USD). The Danish part of the concern consists of DANÆG A/S which is an egg packing facility and DANÆG Products A/S where eggs are brought in, sorted, and packed for retail and foodservice. At DANÆG Products A/S pasteurized, liquid, boiled, and baked egg products are developed and produced for foodservice, bakeries, and the food industry worldwide. The company handles approximately 1 million eggs each year.