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“We are very satisfied and I think that DIOPTRA has moved one step closer to its goals with TARGIT" Constantine Papadopoulos, CEO, DIOPTRA Publications

A valuable business tool
Most departments of the company are based on TARGIT as a valuable tool for decision making and monitoring trends. TARGIT is a data mining tool: collects and combines data from various systems-sources and generates analyses and reports. All the staff has access to TARGIT, depending on its role and responsibilities in the company. Thanks to TARGIT, each department now focuses more on decision making rather than collecting and combining data records. "Our goal is to always make things better than yesterday. To be better as people and as workers than we were a year ago. This aspect defines our goals that are always high and demanding. We were imagining DIOPTRA on the top and this could be done only if we had the right infrastructure. We want to follow and be aware of every little detail. You can learn something from everything”, explains Mr. Constantine Papadopoulos, CEO at DIOPTRA Publications.

Utilizing every aspect of Business Intelligence
Apart from the TARGIT internal use the company has developed and the automatic reports distribution concerning the activity of bookstores and entertainment stores. Thus, the company informs its customers regularly and with accuracy about the performed sales. In this way, DIOPTRA promotes organization, clarity and transparency not only internally but also externally, creating smooth cooperation.
Immediate return on investment
Before TARGIT implementation, the data collection and combination was an extremely time-consuming process and this directly affected the sales team’s activity. The core benefits of adopting a BI tool are the transparency and the absolute coordination of department actions with the company’s strategy. This lead to the company’s increased overall profitability and it was immediately noticeable.

Besides money saving, the company now has a direct and accurate sense of what customers buy and this is a challenge that businesses always face. “The business model that DIOPTRA follows is based on the IT utilization in every level. The need for a BI tool derived from the everyday business, when too many questions remained unanswered or it was very difficult and time-consuming to answer. We needed a tool that could combine multiple data to draw conclusions in a short time", continues Mr. Papadopoulos.

Impressive from the very first presentation
After the presentation of the solution and the offer of people of TARGIT, it was obvious that the TARGIT Decision Suite will meet our expectations: "The choice of a technology product is based on two parameters: its suitability and the after-sales support from our partner. For us both are of equal importance. The presentation revealed how quickly TARGIT could give us the answers to the questions that we raise, so we immediately decided to buy it”, says Mr. Papadopoulos.

BI Trends

BI Trends

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For more than 35 years DIOPTRA Publications stand by the reader with books that always have something to say. Placing special emphasis on categories such as Health and Nutrition, Personal Development, Psychology, Spiritual Search and Family Care, DIOPTRA Publications hold one of the top positions among publishers in these categories. Gradually and by qualitative steps, DIOPTRA Publications have made a remarkable progress in Greek and Foreign Prose.