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“For anything in the world, we want to avoid that our customers cannot find the needed product in the stores. This is extremely important to us,” states Kurt Roland Andreassen, IT-system development manager for Dansk Supermarked Group. The group uses TARGIT to analyze product sales, move products among department stores when it makes sense, and to analyze how sales overall are affected by price changes.

“The only thing that may not happen is having a product stay on the shelf for too long. We constantly have new products coming in and in the worst case we run out of space. TARGIT helps us avoid that situation, and that is incredibly valuable to us,” says Kurt Andreassen.

The amount of data concerning the group’s total product offerings is absolutely impossible to overview without the help from TARGIT Decision Suite. The purchasers and the analysts have access to more than 33 billion data rows with product information in the gigantic data warehouse, and all products, without exceptions, are closely monitored in the purchase and sales phase.

Only the best systems applies
Kurt Andreassen explains why TARGIT was chosen: ”Considering the way we wanted to design the data foundation in our data warehouse, we have made the right decision by choosing TARGIT as the supplier of our Business Intelligence tools. We thoroughly evaluated other large Business Intelligence suppliers, but our assessment was that users would benefit most from TARGIT. The solution is simply more user-friendly.”

Implementation of TARGIT is part of a large process with the aim of establishing a joint platform for all business units. The IT manager elaborates: “We have started a huge standardization project across our IT systems, and instead of developing specific solutions on our own, as we did in the past, we are now choosing the optimal standard systems where TARGIT was chosen as the front-end tool for our data warehouse.”

TARGIT assists sales and procurement in Denmark’s largest supermarket group
The sales culture in Dansk Supermarked Group is renowned beyond Denmark’s borders, and through two generations, the group has set the standard for great business leadership, healthy business sense, and a special ability to always focus on the customers’ needs. In addition, Dansk Supermarked Group has created a unique structure for purchase and sales across the group chains.

Unlike its competitors, Dansk Supermarked Group has chosen to unite procurement and sales into one function, and it is therefore of crucial importance that purchasers can always maintain an overview of both functions. To ensure the best possible overview, the group decided to implement Business Intelligence, and today, TARGIT lies on top of the group’s data warehouse.

BI Trends

BI Trends

DSG TARGIT Business Intelligence

Since the beginning in 1906, Dansk Supermarked Group has developed into one of the most solid players in the retail industry with chain stores such as Netto, Bilka, Føtex, Tøj & Sko, A-Z, and the Salling department stores as explicit evidence of their success.

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