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Analysis and reporting in TARGIT has become an integral part of the steering and controlling toolkit used by Drukkerij Verstraete. DV successfully uses TARGIT on their production environment. “It is not only a matter of having a clear overview,” says Petra Hanson, Finance and sales controller at DV. “You also have to be able to look into the details wherever needed – to zoom in on problems and opportunities as fast as possible. TARGIT has given us to have a clear view on budget and production KPI’s”.

This enables DV to act much faster than ever before on challenges and possibilities with customers and suppliers as well as internal departments.

Recognizing the value of the integrated TARGIT BI toolset, DV plans to add more advanced features, such as Notification Agents and more hyper-relations. They also want to expand the access to the solution to more users. Bart Smet, IT manager at DV, states: “It is all about being able to get things done fast with few resources that has made the TARGIT BI platform such a success in our organization.”

The initial scope of the TARGIT project contained sales and finance reports and following up on purchasing trends. These were all provided within TARGIT.

Expanding the TARGIT environment
DV has been using a Microsoft Dynamic AX environment – formerly Concorde/Axapta – to support the core processes for over 10 years. Back in 2008, after having upgraded the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, DV found management reporting to be very time-consuming and quite difficult and therefore they decided to invest in TARGIT. Prior to investing in TARGIT, there was no consolidated view in facts and figures with the result that every department tended to use its own figures, or “speak its own language”.

The TARGIT solution was proposed and bought through their AX partner who possesses the business knowledge as well as the TARGIT Business Intelligence experience required to execute a successful BI project.

In 2009, the management of DV found that Business Intelligence had become such an important part of the organization and its future plans that they decided to make further investments: They hired an internal BI/DWH specialist with the specific Business knowledge, who extended the reach of the TARGIT environment towards the core production processes. “Now, we all speak the same language again,” concludes Petra Hanson.

BI Trends

BI Trends

DV TARGIT Business Intelligence

Drukkerij Verstraete, or DV, is a printing division within the Constantia group. DV is the recognized market leader of In-Mould Labeling. DV is known for its impeccable customer service, maximal flexibility and continuous product innovation.

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