No anxiety when travelling with TARGIT Decision Suite

Whether you like wine tasting in Bordeaux, golfing in Germany, weekend getaways in Sweden or an active holiday with the kids you will most likely search for information regarding your vacation online – this takes a lot of work. That is why Happydays has made it its mission to provide all the practical information you could possible need when going on vacation from choosing the perfect destination to finding the best hotel. This service has been used gratefully by customers and business has grown steadily through the years at the travel agency.

Restocking the shelfs
The popularity of the individual destination or hotel may vary significantly over the course of a year. That is why Happydays has chosen a Business Intelligence solution from TARGIT that integrates Accobat. This setup makes it easier for the organization to optimize its selection of destinations and hotels.

HappydaysWe love statistics and use them actively when we reevaluate our selection of destinations and hotels. For instance, it is crucial for us to know when our customers travel, where they are travelling to, whether certain hotels in specific parts of the country are more popular than others or whether we need to reevaluate the hotels we currently offer. This information is picked up by TARGIT and presented in a user-friendly layoutsays IT Manager Per Sørensen.

The power of negotiation
Happydays’ biggest markets are Germany, Austria, Italy and France, however, the Northern region and Eastern Europe are gaining a footing. The summer holidays are the most popular, however, through the year, Happydays organizes and conducts a range of readership trips in cooperation with a range of different media.

      Whichever form of travel we are planning, a big part of our job revolve around allotments. They give us exclusive rights of a specific number of rooms at various hotels. If we are not able to meet our quota, the rights are given back to the hotel. Our power of negotiation depends on the number of rooms we are able to sell – the more rooms we sell the greater power. That is why we monitor sales and advert performances on a daily basis. Everything is extracted from TARGIT and if we everything is sold out we can use TARGIT to find alternative hotels or destinations. This improves our customer service significantlysays financial controller John Jensen

Happydays     The more data the greater knowledge
TARGIT Decision Suite is fully integrated with Happydays’ financial system Dynamics AX and even though Happydays was able to extract the same data prior to implementing TARGIT, the solution has made the process much more simplesays IT Manager Per Sørensen.

We were basically able to do the same things as we are now but it was a troublesome process and we constantly had to create new reports to gain different perspectives. 

      With TARGIT we have become much more data-driven and once again we have the opportunity to drill down into the numbers, evaluating every possibility and meet the customers’ wishes. TARGIT assists us in maintaining a high number of sales and is part of the explanation behind our success he says and is supported by John Jensen:

The good thing about TARGIT is that the entire organization is able to use the tools it provides which means that the entire organization works more efficiently. Our Manager is one of the most frequent users and during the implementation phase Accobat were very helpful with education and special analyzesOverall we are very happy with our BI solution.

BI Trends

BI Trends

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Per Sørensen

If you are going on a weekend getaway, on a roadtrip across the country or on a golf holiday – Danish Happydays can help your planning. With more than 100.000 customers the organization, which founded in 2004, has established itself as one of the biggest tourist corporations in the area. The expansion requires great insight and knowledge of hotels, destinations and vacation types. Happydays is able to gain this insight with TARGIT Decision Suite.

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