Himmerlands Elforsyning (HEF) provides electricity to 72,000 customers across northern Denmark. The electric network system, installation and maintenance services and customer invoicing departments all use different IT solutions, so collecting and analyzing data from across the enterprise has always presented management with a major challenge. While each system daily produced enormous amounts of data on its own, there was no tool that combined data streams to allow cross departmental analyses.

TARGIT chosen as MIS platform
HEF initially made TARGIT available to 20 selected managers. Instead of using management time to sift through volumes of data, they now concentrate on using the analyses to add more value for customers. Hidden among the heaps of daily data, they have discovered previously unseen connections between the network, invoicing and service systems.&.

Overall, the system provides management with a significantly improved decision making base. Since many of HEF's 180 employees feed data directly into the various systems from the field via GPRS, the speed with which TARGIT reports are updated approaches real time. TARGIT now makes it much easier for management to get a detailed overview of financial numbers in the various business areas, and to respond more quickly if changes are needed.

"TARGIT is helping us to get better at something we already know a lot about. This means we can leverage our internal know-how, combining it with the facilities to analyze our data in much greater depth. I expect this will make us an even better electricity supplier for our 72,000 customers. TARGIT's simple user interface and way of working is unique. I have simply never seen another tool that is so powerful at converting data into useful management information,” says Søren Sejr Petersen, IT Manager at HEF.

Beyond "silo analyses"
HEF managers use TARGIT to create drill-down analyses into the Microsoft AX ERP system, billing system and electricity network system. But the TARGIT data warehouse joins these silos with each other and additional data sources. Managers are now just a few mouse clicks away from cross analysis of data from all company IT systems. This has made it much easier to aggregate data and observe patterns. And unlike before, these data overviews and connections are now presented in a neat, graphical, and user-friendly way. With results of analyses more accessible, management now spends fewer resources on evaluating data – and more energy on improving customer service.

BI Trends

BI Trends

HEF TARGIT Business Intelligence

Himmerlands Elforsyning (HEF) is a leading Danish utilities company. In addition to supplying electricity to customers throughout northern Denmark, HEF also provides broadband Internet connections and a variety of installation and maintenance services to its commercial and private customers.