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TARGIT Business Intelligence is used by the management and the Sales Department, who use it to create and define reports, and conduct analyses. The reports in turn are used by all employees of the Sales Department. “The most important effect of implementing the TARGIT system is the streamlined data flow process within the company and current access to the latest information which is a basis for making prompt, informed decisions at different levels of the organization,” states Mr. Mirosław Leszczyński, President of John Deere Polska, and continues: “Above all, we have gained the time to think about the best way to do our business.”

The Polish subsidiary of Deere & Company, an agricultural equipment producer doing business in more than 130 countries all over the world, has implemented TARGIT Decision Suite to provide managers with a fast and easy way to conduct multidimensional analyses of data concerning such business phenomena as fluctuations in the sales of agricultural equipment, margins after all related costs deductions, or analyses of demand for replacement parts and maintenance services.

“With TARGIT, we can save time and gain access to critical business performance indicators which are generated on an ongoing basis,” explains Mirosław Leszczyński. “Always timely and up-to-date, the reports and analyses accelerate the process of making the right decisions which contribute to increased company efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Constant need for current data
In order to do business efficiently on the increasingly competitive market, John Deere needs current data about the company’s performance, including information provided by the sales force, and the warehouse data. Replacement parts are warehoused in Jelonek, but the equipment is scattered among the 19 resellers which operate across Poland. In this way, the products are closer to the customer, while remaining under the company’s control. In order to ensure profitability of operations, profit margins on all machines sold and the margin levels for particular groups of replacement parts are analyzed at least once a month.

Before the implementation of TARGIT, all analyses were carried out using Excel spreadsheets, with manually inputted data by the Sales Department employees, and supplemented by the ERP Microsoft Dynamics system the company used. Compiling a report using that system was a complicated procedure. Consequently, the company generated dozens of Excel documents and had to rely on manual data input. A salesperson had to spend 2 hours a day on average on inputting data and updating the reports, and salespeople only received reports once a month.

“After considering several different solutions carefully, we eventually decided on TARGIT which automatically provides the user with reliable data and extensive analyses based on the ERP system,” says Mr. Michał Kufel, System Implementation Coordinator for John Deere Polska. “TARGIT is an intuitive and user-friendly BI solution. This is why user training took just one day, and was only complemented with short individual training sessions.” Those sessions focused on acquainting particular users with specific solutions and methods of using TARGIT Decision Suite for conducting highly specialized analyses and data mining, i.e. drilling into the data to establish reasons behind the trends which have been spotted.

BI Trends

BI Trends

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John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art equipment for use in agriculture, forestry, construction, and lawn and grounds care. Deere & Company was founded by blacksmith John Deere of Vermont, the US. The corporation boasts over 170-year-long tradition of manufacturing farm machinery.