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“The ease of accessing large amount of data makes it easier for administrational employees to answer questions from citizens and to retrieve data for various reporting purposes. Before, it would take three days to create a special report. Now it only takes a few hours,” says Peter Bogh, Finance Manager in the Road and Park Unit of the City of Copenhagen, and he continues: “we save time on each report, obtain a consistent basis for decision making and we have fewer manual errors.”

TARGIT frames a homogeneous basis for management and decision making and helps the Road and Park Unit focus in areas where they can become more effective.

“Previously, we had a wealth of management tools and spreadsheets that each had their individual way of seeing and handling data. With TARGIT, we now have one official version of the elements in our world, and that makes it far easier for us to see different problems from new angles, but always based on the same data set. This is an enormous advantage which we expect will make us even better at utilizing the budget to the absolute advantage for the citizens,” explains Peter Bogh.

39,706 light fixtures, 11,585 signs, 7,252 garbage cans, 44 bridges, and 759 kilometers of road. This is just a few of the many areas that the Road and Park Unit is financially responsible for. And to make sure that citizens and visitors have the best possible impression of the city space, it is essential to the City that tax payments are utilized in the best possible manner. Therefore, they started looking for a Business Intelligence solution that could create overview and provide easy access to the unit’s huge amounts of data.

Other units in the City of Copenhagen have already implemented TARGIT, and after an assessment of several large Business Intelligence solutions, Road & Park also concluded that TARGIT Decision Suite would provide the most benefits.

Knowledge about the citizens’ satisfaction
Through an SQL data warehouse, TARGIT gathers data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the city’s area as well personnel data. From the TARGIT user interface, employees can then access exactly the information they need. The TARGIT solution is also used for running statistics on the Road & Park yearly user satisfaction survey where 3,000 citizens answer 200 questions about their experience of the city space.

”The survey results enable us to compare the technically evaluated quality of the roads to citizens’ personal experience. If we find great differences, we can dig even further into the figures and seek explanation in the numbers. In this way, we use Business Intelligence as a very concrete means to focus on areas that are important to the citizens,” concludes the Finance Manager.


BI Trends

BI Trends

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In the city of Copenhagen the local government of Copenhagen consists of a governing body, called the City Council, and an administrative branch. Road & Park is a unit in the City of Copenhagen that maintains and develops streets, roads, traffic, parks and recreational areas.

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