KORRES found the best solution: Tracks the market trends in one single click. Thanks to TARGIT.

KORRES SA, a company with a steady growth in its business activities, wished to gain an extra competitive advantage through data analysis and visualization.

KORRES’s Sales Director, Mr. Dimitris Vasilaros explains the reasons that led the company to choose TARGIT Business Intelligence. "We needed a tool to get smarter, faster and more accurate decisions"

Our philosophy in TARGIT is user-friendliness. The possibility to create analyses through the natural language is not only a proof of ease of use but also a major incentive for the production of multiple analyses - and this is just an example.  With the new generation features of TARGIT Decision Suite, the user can simply say: "Show me the turnover per year, vendor and country" and the Intelligent Wiz undertakes to present immediately an analysis according to the said criteria.

The new generation of TARGIT BI & Analytics tools combines the advanced analytical features with user-friendliness, bringing the end-user at the forefront of developments and achieving the exploitation of the solution in the entire organization.  That is the main reason for which the last years TARGIT BI ranks on top in various surveys conducted by independent bodies regarding the penetration of a Business Intelligence tool in the organizations.

TARGIT BI enabled us to implement in extremely short time a full Business Intelligence project in a company like KORRES SA in all its business areas such as purchases, production, sales, finance and marketing.  This is the evidence that return on investment in TARGIT Decision Suite can take place in less than a year.

Combining data from all company subsystems of Korres and expanding with external data sources such as Google Analytics, Social media, demographic data, final customers’ sell-out data and information visualization features, TARGIT BI ensures a minimal response time to business environment changes, motivating end users to deal with data analysis.

End users are able to activate automatic notifications regarding crucial numbers of reports and analyses and that is really a promotion from “guards” to “coordinators” that have the courage to act and organize the ‘counterattack’. KORRES SA company has greatly improved its internal knowledge, insights and forecasting accuracy and this makes it easier to coordinate sales and marketing.

During the implementation, the strategic company key performance indicators (KPIs) were created and this helped KORRES to make significant strides in reducing purchases and production costs in a very short time. On the basis of “One version of Truth”' that offers TARGIT BI, the process of control and evaluation of the given results created an “analytical culture” within organization. The Marketing Department is able now to measure the feedback of marketing activities in real time.

“Nowadays it is extremely important to be focused on the ‘battlefield’ and to have the right skills available at the moment you need them.  With TARGIT Decision Suite and Basket Analysis end-users are now able not only to know what is happening at the moment but to predict future trends as well - based on the buying habits and patterns of consumers” says Mr. Vassilaros. By visualizing information in digital maps and other innovative objects users are able to better track deviations and deeper understand how marketing activities work by region, as they are compared and contrasted with data regarding population distribution and purchasing power.

BI Trends

BI Trends


KORRES NATURAL PRODUCTS SA is a Greek skincare brand, born out of Athens’ first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy of Athens in 1996. The first Korres product was an aromatic herbal throat-soothing syrup with honey and aniseed; a recipe inspired by ‘rakomelon’, a warming spirit-with-honey concoction, which George’s grandfather used to make in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Today the Korres portfolio includes over 400 natural and certified organic products, with brand presence in 30 markets. In addition to the stand-alone Korres stores – over 25 stores worldwide and in over 5,500 pharmacies in its homeland, Greece.