Almost every department at Matas HQ uses the TARGIT solution. The marketing department measures direct-mail campaigns, and the purchasing department uses the system to track goods all the way from Matas HQ to the individual retail stores. And it is not only the raw numbers that are being pulled out of the system. The HR department uses TARGIT to analyze the employees’ satisfaction and development.

Matas selected TARGIT because of its functionality, dynamic data structure, fast implementation and affordable price.

“TARGIT was by far the best solution for our needs. The system was easy to implement and user-friendly, which allowed our team to begin working in no time. In addition, TARGIT is nearly custom-made to SQL server cubes, and since we had decided that our future data warehouse should be built on a Microsoft SQL server, it was a perfect match,” states Leif Thesmer, CTO at Matas, and he elaborates: ”TARGIT is so flexible that employees can customize the analyses to suit their individual needs. Previously, a few employees in each department created common reports for everyone to use. Now, the majority of employees prefer to define their own analyses and reports.”

Knowledge is the foundation for growth
Over the last three years, the solution has been expanded to also include Matas suppliers and retail stores. “We made TARGIT available in every relevant link in and around Matas, and we reap great benefits from doing so. Everyone in the organization has the same foundation for decisions, and the stores are better equipped to negotiate with the suppliers. In that way, we have made knowledge the foundation for our continuing growth, and with TARGIT we have easy access to updated and well-arranged information, so we can make the right decisions,” explains Leif Thesmer.

TARGIT critical knowledge
Most Danes have, at some point in time, bought one of ‘De Stribede’ (a private label product series with striped packing) from Matas. The product series is considered one of the major reasons why Matas has become the absolutely largest chain of drug stores in Denmark. Today, ‘De Stribede’ has been accompanied by many other products on the shelves in the 293 Matas stores across the country.

However, being successful requires more than just the right products. Insight and overview of the business and its operations still becomes more and more important, and that is why Matas uses TARGIT as a portal for business critical knowledge.

BI Trends

BI Trends


Matas is a chain of 293 drug stores throughout Denmark. The chain was established in 1949 and has 2.100 employees. The owners of the individual stores also own Matas A/S and the company acts as central purchasing department, distribution centre and marketing department for all stores

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