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Nearly every department of Mediterraneo Hospital benefit from TARGIT. Accessing knowledge from information that is spread out through the entire organization is now easier with a platform that saves the employees both time and trouble, while shaping a new attitude. The employees spend less time retrieving data and more time analyzing them. Old fashioned reporting with the use of spreadsheets is phased out, since today everyone can access data when it is necessary.  

For many years, Mediterraneo Hospital used the isolated ERP static reporting system. TARGIT has now replaced this with dynamic analyses and reporting based on fully developed Data Warehouse gathering information from all areas of the hospital’s operations.

After exploring the features and potential benefits of TARGIT, Kostas Stergiopoulos found the software’s stability, functionality and user friendliness impressive.  According to him, healthcare workers like doctors, nurses and hospital administrators are not used to working with BI tools and this is a main cause of resistance to change.

TARGIT’s user-friendliness was therefore an important factor for Mediterraneo’s decision on their choice of solution for delivering their critical information. In particular, users were won over by the ease and vast number of ways in which they can visualize, illustrate and analyze the organization’s data.  The combination of these with various external data sources, such as demographical data, and TARGIT’s GIS mapping capabilities resulted in more accurate and faster decisions.

Business Intelligence supports the Healthcare industry
Heads of departments require quick access to a wide range of clinical, operational and financial data. They need to know whether their department operations are efficient and timely managed. The introduction of DRGs (Diagnostic Related Groups) by the Greek Ministry of Health in 2011, and the gradual consolidation of all state health funds to one, part of the country’s economic restructuring program, added an additional layer of information management and reporting requirements. The introduction of DRGs also triggered the need for the development of new “Cost Benchmarking” models, a DRG based Medication Utilization reporting mechanism, and the addition of a DRG Cost Compliance Component to the Physician’s Performance Review.  Now more than ever, the ability to visualize organizational performance, relative to key indicators is crucial. And TARGIT has provided them with such insight in the hospital’s operations.

It is no secret that the Healthcare Industry has become an economic area of crucial importance and it is expected to grow in Greece even further in the years to come. Along with this growth, pressure on management to run cost effective organizations has increased exponentially. With organizations and regulations becoming more demanding, obtaining the information needed by managers in a timely and consistent manner is now more important than ever before.

BI Trends

BI Trends

Mediterraneo Hospital TARGIT

Mediterraneo, is a 147-bed state of the art General Hospital, situated in Glyfada, and is the only private hospital in southern Athens. The Hospital was founded in 2000 and in 2010 an extensive renovation and expansion project was completed.