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At Næstved Hospital, they register the users’ experiences with TARGIT Business Intelligence & Analytics very carefully, and so far the hospital has discovered many benefits with the solution.

“The usual guesswork at the meetings no longer exists. We can run one shared set of data or storyboards on a wide screen – and the usual talk about who has the latest data will vanish like dew before the sun. We believe that this will be a reward in several areas, but the most important criterion for us, as a BI group, is to make data available for the users. Easy, fast and accessible,” states Stig Andersen, Financial Consultant.

According to Stig Andersen, doctors, secretaries and nurses are not used to work with BI tools. Therefore, the user-friendliness in the TARGIT solution was an important factor when they decided that this was their choice of solution to deliver their critical information. “It only takes a few mouse clicks to generate ad hoc queries, which is really advantageous for us. In comparison with the other systems that we considered, TARGIT had the best composition of flexibility, functionality, price and performance.”

User-friendliness is a general theme: ”We have about 300 users, and since the need for reporting and ad hoc analysis is changing rapidly, we chose to employ TARGIT’s web-based Portal Development Kit which makes everything very easy to handle while, at the same time, we can do the developing ourselves. Almost all our users log on to TARGIT via web clients – a procedure which makes it easy for us to push data and views out to the users,” explains Stig Andersen.

IT Developer Christian Cato Holm adds: “It has the great advantage that we to a much greater extent can leave it up to the departments to decide how they want to employ the data and the tools and who should have access.” He emphasizes the user-friendliness as one of the huge benefits in the move towards “democratizing” the solution to make it easily accessible for the users.

Increase in hospital monitoring demands Business Intelligence
Elements such as service guarantee and quality assurance will be optimized with the aid of data from Business Intelligence. Hospital administration and outlying departments typically have the greatest need for management information, and the employees along with the political partners in general want further knowledge about the hospitals’ operations.

”The productivity of the hospitals is being measured all the way down to the smallest blood sample or scanning, and the region management also compares the quality and service that every hospital delivers,” ends Stig Andersen. 

BI Trends

BI Trends

Region Sjaelland

Næstved Hospital is a speciality hospital focusing on surgery, gynecology and urology. Furthermore, they specialize in radiotherapy, childbirths and pediatrics, including a neonatal department.

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