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TARGIT has enhanced the quality of decisions at Neu Kaliss. In addition to supporting Quality Management within manufacturing, TARGIT Business Intelligence is used in Business Administration (marginal costing), Marketing and Sales (revenue, quantities, turnover forecast, and accounts receivables management) and Accounting (cost centre and balance lists).

Matthias Heim, Manager of business administration, production planning and IT, specifies the advantages of his new IT-solution: “We are now able to make decisions based on verified knowledge, correct and consistent figures from our heterogeneous IT-systems and a realistic view of our business activities.”

In order to ensure fast response times when analyzing data, the great amount of data stored on the company’s IBM AS/400 as well as data from other diverse systems is organized in a data warehouse. TARGIT sits on top of that data warehouse and thus allows employees at Neu Kaliss to analyze all aspects of the company’s data. 

BI helps quality control
Neu Kaliss decided to implement a Business Intelligence solution because they needed a tool for visualizing information in a clear and user-friendly way. The company was looking for a solution that would help them make faster and better decisions and chose TARGIT due to its user-friendly interface.

The entire TARGIT project at Neu Kaliss was completed in 3 months. In the beginning of the project, several workshops where conducted to analyze the informational needs and to prepare data consolidation and after going live the IT-administration of Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier was trained at a 3-day workshop. This provided for a smooth introduction within the company and secured the internal know-how required for adapting the solution to the requirements of the company.

The 135 employees at Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier manufacture 8,000 tons of specialty paper every year, and each kilogram must be of excellent quality.

In numerous test series during the manufacturing process, a multitude of data is collected. The actual value must be within narrow margins of a specified value, and at the end of the test series, the manufacturer has to determine and verify the quality of the paper. The resulting charts and test reports are sent to clients as a quality certificate and quality management procedure has been performed using TARGIT.


BI Trends

BI Trends

Neukaliss TARGIT Business Intelligence

Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier has more than 200 years of experience in the paper industry. In 1799 the first paper mill was constructed in the small village of Neu Kaliss in East Germany, and today Neu Kaliss is a leading manufacturer of specialized paper products including coffee filters, dust bags, wallpaper, etc.

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