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TARGIT handles all reporting for management and for the financial and logistics departments. And the improvements are notable.

“We now use very few resources on making reports and analyses which prompted that NLP is now operated by only 8 employees. All reporting to our customers is automated in TARGIT in a weekly and monthly basis,” tells NLP’s Business Development & IT Manager Tom Romanich and elaborates: “The company has made many right decisions based on TARGIT analyses, which has given us great cost savings when selling the pallets in excess. As a concrete example, we have saved the costs equivalent to the salary of an employee by automating the processes of controlling and reporting via TARGIT that produces reports for our customers. And customer surveys show that the customers are very pleased with the reporting which is rated high.”

The use of TARGIT has been of great importance to both the organization and the individual employee. Management uses TARGIT regularly and has become autonomous in making analyses. The logistics staff spends less time on analyzing the logistics flow and more time on focusing on solutions. In the financial department, they spend less time making reports which has released time for productive work. 

The cost savings which NLP so far has gained with TARGIT is very tangible, and the entire organization has become more efficient while, at the same time, the customers have become more satisfied. And NLP plans to do even more for their customers: “We are weighing up if TARGIT’s web based solution, TARGIT NET, should be included in NLP’s customer web in order to give the customer access to relevant reports when they need it,” says Tom Romanich.

A need for BI was evident
When handling a solution with customers from the entire stable goods business with balance management, it is important to survey and identify the problems and to report to the customers. This was what made NLP invest in BI. NLP operates with the strategy that the pooling should be operated by minimal resources, and they have never considered to let humans do detailed controlling and reporting.

When NLP decided to get a BI solution, they had several demands which were all realized by TARGIT BI Suite. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers data for analyzing purposes in TARGIT and the integration of these systems is perfectly seamless. What NLP valued the most in a BI solution was fast implementation. ”The implementation process of a BI solution often takes a long time which leads to huge costs. Our TARGIT solution was implemented in two weeks after identifying our KPIs and customer structure,” tells Tom Romanich. He continues: “Furthermore, we were looking for a fast response time of 0-10 seconds for all functions. It was very important to us that our BI solution was able to handle large quantities of data in a good way and that the process was simple and stable.”

To NLP, a simple user interface is important as well. The users have to be able to make new analyses and to make changes to existing analyses without necessarily being super users. "And TARGIT offers correct information across all dimensions and reports, and that at a reasonable price for licenses and implementation," concludes Tom Romanich.

BI Trends

BI Trends

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Norsk Lastbærer Pool A/S (NLP) was established in June 2006. The company is owned by the two business associations DLF and DMF. NLP also offers electronical reporting of pallet transactions.

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