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At NORDJYSKE Medier, TARGIT is used for i.e. sales managing and managing of objectives on the individual sales person.

“TARGIT provides full transparency of the sales department’s data. The individual employee now has a much better overview of his or her customer portfolio both regarding revenue, activities and many other key figures at the customer level. This makes it easy to see where the potential lies,” says Kirsa Christoffersen, Head of Administration and Projects, and adds: “The tool tells us where to make an extra effort.”

The improved overview leads to significant results: “Our knowledge about the areas in which sales succeeds gives us important information of where to put in an effort in the future. In addition, both the customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction has been improved,” says Kirsa Christoffersen.

The TARGIT solution is also used for business analysis and benchmarking. With TARGIT, NORDJYSKE is able to see the development and the tendencies in the market, and their solution will expand to fit their needs over time. 

TARGIT has proved to be such a great success at NORDJYSKE Medier that NORDJYSKE Distribution has implemented the solution as well. “Now, we are able to keep track of all data regarding magazine sales and distribution and these areas are fully transparent as well because of TARGIT. We also use TARGIT for budgeting, which has made the budgeting process so much easier,” explains the Head of Administration and Projects.

Large and complex data amount
After a demonstration of several solutions, TARGIT was chosen to handle the task of creating easy access to data for both managers and sales people: “TARGIT was the easiest system to operate, both for developers and users. It met our needs without being too complicated to use,” says Kirsa Christoffersen.

Kirsa became responsible for choosing a solution that could provide managers with insight and that allowed for easy sharing and distribution of knowledge within the organization. When she started working for NORDJYSKE Medier, she experienced that reporting - and with that knowledge sharing - was very inflexible and troublesome. To make up for the limited reporting capabilities in the booking system, Cross Advertising, they tried to adjust and sort data in various spreadsheets, but they quickly found that the amount of data was too large and complex. “We needed to be sure that the data we reported were in fact correct,” says Kirsa Christoffersen.

Via the user interface in TARGIT, the employees at NORDJYSKE can view and analyze data from their booking system Cross Advertising. In 2007, NORDJYSKE added the CRM system SuperOffice to the list of data sources that delivers data for analysis in TARGIT, and this has opened up to new possibilities. “Now, we have an overview of all customer and partner information, and SuperOffice integrates perfectly with TARGIT,” ends Kirsa Christoffersen.

To NORDJYSKE Medier, which have been using TARGIT since 2003, the BI tool has become an essential part of their everyday business routines. The company’s media palette embraces all kinds of media and to be able to get an overview, it is very important that both management and employees have a true and fair view of the company’s status at all times so objectives and efforts can be continuously adjusted.

BI Trends

BI Trends

Nordjyske TARGIT Business Intelligence

NORDJYSKE Medier is the company behind the media activities in the Northern part of Denmark. The company runs a daily newspaper, 25 weekly local newspapers, two free newspapers, two radio stations, a television news channel, a telephone directory, an Internet portal and other net activities.

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