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Increased sales, fewer expenses, and happy customers are the results of the implementation of TARGIT Business Intelligence. CFO of Pierre Robert Group, Andreas Hamdahl, states that TARGIT makes a big difference for the company.

“With TARGIT, we see connections that we didn’t see before,” he says and points out two very specific examples: One of the product areas has increased the revenue with 40 percent because TARGIT shows which geographical areas and which periods of time the product sells. This way Pierre Robert Group can easily adapt to the market. In another case, the use of TARGIT has reduced the expenses regarding bargain prices from NOK 16 million to NOK 10 million (from USD 2.9 million to USD 1.8 million).

“With TARGIT, we have optimized the right time to have a sale and also the right amount of price deduction for it. We have tightened up on the routines so the sales representatives won’t start a sale before it is necessary,” explains Andreas Hamdahl.

The implementation of TARGIT has also created a very positive atmosphere among the employees. At Pierre Robert Group, is it obvious that the employees’ motivation increases because they are able to analyze on their own and thereby get access to necessary information. Additionally, Pierre Robert Group trains the employees much faster with TARGIT. “The employees improve their qualifications faster because they get a better understanding of products and markets right away when they are able to work with the figures in TARGIT on their own. The operation is advanced, but there are many connections and processes that are now a lot easier to understand,” says Andreas Hamdahl.

Pierre Robert Group used to struggle with static report sheets and they would often make decisions based on a poor basis. Finally, a future of structured data was in sight when Pierre Robert Group implemented a data warehouse. At first, they implemented a Canadian analyzing tool which they replaced after they became familiar with TARGIT. “TARGIT is so much easier for the employees to work with. The solution is also much faster and gives many more opportunities for analyzing data,” says the CFO about the shift to TARGIT.

Pierre Robert Group spent only a week implementing TARGIT, which retrieves information from Dynamics AX. All the employees in the sales department use TARGIT daily to analyze their sales figures. Marketing, logistics, and management all use TARGIT too because it gives them access to exactly the information they need.

Pierre Roberts Group sells 1,500 different products to 6,000 different shops in 45 sales districts in 3 countries. Obviously, this means that there is a huge amount of information to keep track of. There is a constant demand to adjust to the market and optimize business processes. Therefore, Pierre Robert Group realized that access to concrete knowledge in only a matter of minutes is essential in their industry. TARGIT provides this knowledge in the fewest clicks possible.

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