“TARGIT helps us make it clear to individual employees that our efforts in the service stations affect our results directly. Our success depends on good customer service and detailed knowledge of what the customer wants. TARGIT can’t be beat when it comes to providing that knowledge,” states Jens Alstrup, Director of Q8 Service Stations.

TARGIT plays a central part in providing insight into customer preferences, which plays an important role in Q8’s ongoing training of managers and staff.

Tracking sales by hour and item
“We chose TARGIT rather than its larger competitors because its user-friendliness is second to none. And since the price was also competitive, there was no doubt from our side,” says the Director.

Q8 Denmark turned to TARGIT to help managers turn data into a competitive advantage. After loading information from the last six years – approximately 600 million data entries from cash registers and two ERP systems (Petropoint and SAP) - Q8’s managers can now track sales across the country and benchmark individual stores – by the hour and by the item.

Customer purchase patterns vary
Since price competition for gasoline and diesel fuel is notoriously fierce, Q8 management has identified better service as a key strategy for growth. Knowing what customers want – and when they want it – allows managers to optimize campaigns and stock levels for grill charcoal in the summer, antifreeze in the winter and fresh coffee all day long. The right assortment in the right quantities can mean the difference between success and failure – both for an individual outlet and for the entire company.

But predicting consumer needs and behavior is far from simple. Purchase patterns vary widely during the day, the week and the year. And the number of data entries is huge: roughly 100 million per year. Now, TARGIT supports Q8 by providing a clear overview of their data.

BI Trends

BI Trends

Q8 TARGIT Business Intelligence

Q8 is the brand of Kuwait Petroleum International. In Denmark, Q8 is a major player in sales of petroleum products and services to the industrial, agricultural, transport and consumer sectors, as well as service stations with convenience retailing and car washes.

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