With TARGIT, a working day at wood burning stoves manufacturer RAIS has become easier; they spend less time on reports which have released resources to focus on sales and production instead. Financial Manager Jens Johansen does not doubt that TARGIT has had a positive influence on the entire working procedure at RAIS: “With TARGIT, we have more time for sales, production and planning. Thanks to TARGIT, we now have time to make a qualified production plan.”

At RAIS, they have updated their time scheme. Previously, the effect would sometimes vary inappropriately between 85 and 125 percent, with the result that they would price the stoves incorrectly. With TARGIT, they are now able to find a more reliable basis in the long view and to price their products correctly avoiding an incorrect entrance at the market in relation to their competitors.

At RAIS, they use TARGIT to report and inform, and to forward automatic reports. Moreover, TARGIT is employed to control the production, and the BI solution has played a big part in discovering errors and in correcting errors in time. Furthermore, they use TARGIT for administrative purposes and also the CEO swears by TARGIT: “Formerly, the CEO would ask me every day about the current situation, but with TARGIT he is able to monitor important figures by himself. It gives a remarkable sense of security to be up-to-date with the progress of the company,” says Mr. Johansen.

Saving money on dynamic reports
When RAIS in 1996 implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, they wanted three standard reports, and they were told that it would cost them 50,000 DKK per report.

Luckily for RAIS, a supplier recommended that they should invest in a BI solution from TARGIT instead, which not only could help them make the reports they needed, but also give them many extra benefits. RAIS chose TARGIT BI Suite and found the flexible reporting tool they were looking for plus additional advantages and the possibility to save money in the long term.

RAIS primarily uses TARGIT on their production data and their sales data, and they are planning to implement TARGIT all over the organization. “It is our vision that all employees should be able to follow the production and the efficiency,” ends Jens Johansen.

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Today RAIS has around 90 employees developing, designing and manufacturing wood burning stoves and accessories. The company exports nearly 90 percent of its products, primarily to Western Europe and the United States.

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