Scandinavian Brake Systems, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of brake components for cars and motorcycles, saves a lot of time when preparing analyses and reports in TARGIT. Financial Manager at SBS Carsten Schmidt explains: “Previously, we made weekly reports. They presented only a snapshot of the situation, and did not provide any details. Now, we have the ability to analyze the details and to be continuously updated. It is a nice feeling to constantly have your finger on the pulse. For our employees it means that they can receive business updates whenever it fits into their daily routines.”

The sales department uses TARGIT for analysis of orders, customers and market opportunities. This allows SBS to evaluate whether it is profitable to accept any given customer project. “Our sales staff is always able to become fully up-to-date before a customer meeting. When visiting a customer, it is also possible to use TARGIT as a tool to present sales results. The analyses do not have to be prepared beforehand. With a few clicks in TARGIT, the sales staff can make a new analysis based on the data being discussed during the customer meeting,” says Carsten Schmidt.

SBS can also analyze deviations on their many product variants with just a few mouse clicks. “We have created a cube that shows us deviations in relation to the standard costs for the products. We can see if the deviations relate to purchase or manufacturing, and we can also drill down to see the deviations on product groups, product numbers, and even enclosures,” explains a satisfied Financial Manager.

A complete overview in the fewest clicks
Preparing analyses of historical costs of purchase and manufacturing deviations has been a substantial manual process for Scandinavian Brake Systems. The process was extremely time consuming and complicated, and as a result, only large deviations were analyzed in detail. Realizing that they needed a more complete overview of data, the company started looking for a tool that could analyse data from their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system as well as their previous financial system. They found the right solution in TARGIT.

TARGIT is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and spreadsheets from the previous financial system also feed TARGIT with data. Carsten Schmidt concludes: “Our main goal with the TARGIT BI solution is to have a complete overview in order to be able to make the right decisions.”

BI Trends

BI Trends

SBS TARGIT Business Intelligence

Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S (SBS) is one of Europe’s leading specialists within friction technology and brakeparts for cars, motorcycles and special applications such as wind turbines and industrial brakes.

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