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“What is particularly attractive about TARGIT is that it provides information and allows decisions to be made at every level across the organization, not just senior staff. This helps to empower individuals and results in an optimized business, where everyone does their job based on newer and better information. This can only lead to better decision making, in less time than ever before,” says Financial Director Nigel Wimpenny of South Lakeland Parks (SLP), an organization which specializes in developing and operating holiday parks.

And the Financial Director adds: “TARGIT is a front-end solution that can meet the needs of all users. Management reporting is no longer solely in the hands of the upper 5% of the company hierarchy. It is an end-user tool, allowing truly distributed Business Intelligence throughout the organization, and enabling companies to remain competitive. It makes the management of the business easier.”

TARGIT also enables organizations to analyze trends in operational data fed directly from ParkVision, a business software package built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. TARGIT even lets SLP view the progress against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with up-to-date data and react quickly to any alarming trends and patterns in the business environment.

With reports on data from right across the business, TARGIT enables SLP staff to look at forward occupancy levels at individual sites and compare them to previous year figures, quickly and easily getting a graphical report. It also provides notification and alerts with e-mails if figures deviate from preset norms.

Needs accurate data for maximizing occupancy
When SLP appointed Nigel Wimpenny as new Financial Director, he immediately recognized a problem. “All of the company’s information was held in a variety of databases and systems,” says Nigel Wimpenny. “This made it difficult to get a quick overview of the business. For an organization like ours that rents out holiday accommodation, we need to maximize occupancy and this requires both historical and forward data to enable us to target our sales and marketing activities.” ParkVision went live in February 2007. To ensure that all the information that the solution collected could be accessed by all levels of staff across SLP, they were recommended implementing TARGIT.

“I was impressed with the speed with which our requirements were understood and the solution set up. It provides us with a very flexible reporting system that enables us to cut information in many different ways,” Nigel Wimpenny and elaborates: “One of the most important things for us has been the bookings analysis. We are a bit like an airline business in that if one of our accommodation units has not been rented for a week that is revenue lost as we can’t sell it to someone else. As a result, forward information on bookings is vital. We can now report ahead and compare actual bookings on a year on year basis with historical data. This can be for the company, site or even individual accommodation. This is invaluable as if we identify a downturn in bookings, we can act on it well in advance and mobilize our sales and marketing resources to meet this shortfall. We now have a total view of the business with our integrated platform that gives us detailed information on all of our KPIs at the click of a mouse.”

BI Trends

BI Trends

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South Lakeland Parks was established in 1988 and was previously known as South Lakeland Caravans until June 2006. South Lakeland Parks specialise in developing and operating holiday parks, with caravans and timber lodges for sale or hire.