TARGIT Business Intelligence has brought noticeable changes at Thiele, a retail chain of opticians. Employees can quickly see whether particular initiatives are successful or not, and they have a better opportunity for optimizing their work.

“The dynamics of individual employees are blossoming when they are able to monitor their own results and can see whether they are meeting sales objectives on a daily basis. I think the visual element in the software from TARGIT is what makes the difference. It is professionalism converted to sales,” says Ole Bentzen, CEO of Thiele.

All levels of the company are experiencing visible progress on the bottom line, and this is always the ultimate measure of how business is performing. “The optimization that we have achieved by using TARGIT can be seen on our bottom line. We started in the summer of 2003 and, compared to market performance in our area, we have outperformed the market by 15-20 percent,” explains Ole Bentzen.

TARGIT provided the opportunity to analyze sales and performance in all aspects of the company – from individual employees to the various business areas as well as the entire chain. “In TARGIT, we can see how much each store sold yesterday or during a period of time. We use it to acknowledge stores that are performing well and to examine matters at stores that are not selling enough,” says the CEO.

In the individual stores, store managers are watching figures on a daily basis, their own figures as well as the figures from their colleagues in the chain.

Deeper insight with BI
Thiele wanted to focus more on sales results, and since they were already in the market for a new retail system (to register sales, customers, products etc.), they decided to also look for a Business Intelligence solution to be used for analyses of registered figures. The objective was to provide all employees as well as Thiele management with deeper insight into sales and performance – in the individual stores and nationwide.

”We were looking for a new retail system, and we ended up choosing the supplier who could also deliver TARGIT. It gives us insight into the hard facts which can then be used as background knowledge when looking closer at how we can optimize the business,” states Ole Bentzen.

TARGIT collects data from the retail system, CB Retail which is based on SQL servers from Microsoft. In addition, Thiele is expecting to enhance the BI solution to also include data from the finance system which is based on AS400 servers from IBM.

BI Trends

BI Trends

Thiele TARGIT Business Intelligence

Thiele is a nationwide chain of opticians with more that 60 stores in cities across Denmark. The chain has its own glass grinding facility and its own line of designer glasses. The Thiele branches also carry contact lenses, sunglasses, and accessories - as well as glasses from strong brands such as Gucci and Armani.

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