“Working with TARGIT in an ERP environment is like using a GPS in the jungle. It helps us to find our way in the huge amount of data, which it transforms into strategic information,” states Jean-Serge Mondo, Director of Soaps & Detergents at Vandeputte, a soap and oil manufacturer.

“We use TARGIT on a daily basis for sales, purchase, finance and inventory. Our top management and key users now have in-depth insight into these activities. We aim to include logistic and manufacturing data before the end of the year, and thus get a complete overview of all our core activities,” says Jean-Serge Mondo.

TARGIT used company-wide
Initially, Vandeputte implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX with a view to automating their business processes. The Business Intelligence tool included an enormous amount of sales-oriented reports. Vandeputte were advised to set up a new data warehouse based on their Business Insight Suite. As a result, data coming from finance, sales, purchase and logistics, would converge into one central information pool. 

In setting up this environment, it was crucial to provide the end users with a user-centric and flexible solution. Also, a strict budget had to be taken into account. Eventually, Vandeputte opted for TARGIT as dashboard on top of the data warehouse.

“The total solution smoothly integrates with our IT strategy based on Dynamics AX and SQL Server technology. Moreover, the BI environment is adaptable to our specific needs,” says Jean-Serge Mondo. Vandeputte have been provided with a stable, scalable and performing platform based on Microsoft SQL Server technology.

Prior to the decision, the TARGIT BI solution was demoed for a group of potential future key users from the sales department. Their enthusiasm for the power and functionalities of TARGIT paved the road for the decision to implement the solution company-wide.

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The Company has two distince divisions: the Soaps and Detergents division and the Oil Factory Division. In 2001, a new division is created: Vandeputte Oleochemicals is dedicated to the production of vegetal oil-based polymers and derivates. Vandeputte receives ISO 14001 certification.

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