TARGIT has exceeded Vikan’s expectations and, according to the finance and logistics executive Martin Kragh, benefits from TARGIT are highly visible: “We have gained much easier access to production data and now have a better overview of the accumulated data. TARGIT helps us focus on efficiency because the system provides the needed information to make more qualified decisions.”

Vikan’s reaction time has also been reduced significantly. “Earlier, we discovered the problems after the fact in the monthly reports; now we can see them day-by-day. We can also compare before and after calculations, and if something happens today, we will know it right away. This gives us complete peace of mind since the uncertainty, that was there before, has now been eliminated.”

TARGIT Business Intelligence is used by Vikan, a manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, for production and finance analyses. In addition, the sales department uses TARGIT for sales- and order control, and Vikan subsidiaries are connected to the system via web clients. Martin Kragh wants to recommend TARGIT to other companies. “TARGIT provides fast and efficient problem solving, a broad view of the business and better knowledge that enables qualified decisions.”

Wanted easy access to data
The production foremen needed a tool that would allow them to easily monitor cost prices, piecework and efficiency, and the company had realized that creating such analyses from scratch would require too much manual labour and time. “We looked for a system with a high level of user-friendliness, because it had to be usable in the entire organization, from the financial executive to the foremen. Implementation also had to be fast, requiring only a few resources, and, last but not least, the system had to be affordable,” says the finance and logistics executive.

TARGIT was chosen and implemented at Vikan to the company’s full satisfaction. “The TARGIT solution was up and running just 14 days after we decided on TARGIT, so it was definitely a fast and efficient implementation,” conludes Martin Kragh.

The TARGIT solution at Vikan is based upon a Data Warehouse in a Microsoft SQL Server, which gathers information from the company’s ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, the payroll system, and from various spreadsheets. TARGIT provides a user-friendly user interface for analyzing all the company’s data.

BI Trends

BI Trends

Vikan TARGIT Business Intelligence

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