TARGIT training for the Finance Department paying off in dividends

about the company

DANÆG is up DANÆG A/S, DANÆG Products, Kronägg, and Källbergs. DANÆG A/S is an egg packing facility and DANÆG Products A/S brings in, sorts, and packs eggs for retail and foodservice. At DANÆG Products A/S pasteurized, liquid, boiled, and baked egg products are developed and produced for foodservice, bakeries, and the food industry worldwide. The company handles approximately 1 million eggs each year.

their challenges

  • DANÆG employees had access to the entire suite of analyics tools, but didn't have the training to take advantage of the full power
  • The Finance Department wanted to foster a more data-driven environment
  • The company wanted a departmet of TARGIT experts to gain better control of business data

how we helped

  • TARGIT University taught DANÆG employees the skills they needed to master the software
  • Employees left not only with more technical skills, but with inspiration for fostering data-driven excellence and tips for higher user adoption
  • Employees now have access to end-to-end insight for the entire value chain for better decision making
DANÆG is a leading supplier of convenience egg products to bakeries, the food service sector, and the food industry in Denmark and abroad. In recent years, the company has expanded rapidly into additional international markets with a growing product list. The strongly competitive market requires an intense focus on business optimization, so DANÆG enlisted the help of TARGIT Decision Suite's business analytics software for supply chain.

DANÆG now had one of the industry’s most powerful business intelligence and analytics solutions at their fingertips, but lacked the training to take full advantage of the tool. Until recently, the company had relied on consultants for any complex analyses and reporting tasks within TARGIT.

Gaining Insight at TARGIT University

In order to best take advantage of the tools and capabilities of TARGIT Decision Suite, DANÆG registered six members of the company’s Finance Department in a TARGIT University program with a focus on efficiency improvement and a strengthened focus on analyses and financial reporting. These employees would be DANÆG’s first in-house TARGIT experts.

See how TARGIT's tool set is perfect for managing financial reporting.

“We wanted to find a high level of in-house knowledge on our BI solution in order to gain valuable data-based business knowledge through continuous insights in current numbers and analyses,” says Hans Christian Lei, DANÆG CFO. Niels Nybro Bolding, DANÆG IS/ERP Manager adds, “Based on a desire to gain a more complete picture of and control with our business data, we chose to upgrade our TARGIT competencies to become capable of seeking the full value of our TARGIT tool. The courses have kick-started a value-adding learning process that leaves a distinct mark on our work with business optimization.”

Providing a significant lift of skills

After four days in TARGIT University, the benefits of these comprehensive classes extended beyond just a significant lift in TARGIT skills for DANÆG employees. The common learning experience provided them each with new tools and inspiration for their work as a team. Together, they experienced a new form of collaboration, learned from each other’s approaches to problem solving, and gained deeper insight into individual and group capabilities.
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