Dansk Supermarked Group

Denmark's largest retail group keeps it fresh with TARGIT

about the company

Dansk Supermarked Group is the largest retail group in Denmark and consists of the retail chains føtex, Bilka, Netto and Salling. Together, the four chains comprise more than 1,400 stores and employ almost 47,000 people internationally.

their challenges

  • The group lacked critical oversight of their sales and procurement
  • Massive amounts of data was stored in the ERP system with no way to easily retrieve it
  • Employees constantly worried about stocking

how we helped

  • TARGIT provides easy insight into billions of rows of data on procurement and sales
  • Employees have instant access to reports and analyses with critical KPIs
  • Consolidating the entire system means easier management of procurement and stocking across all retail chains under the Dansk umbrella
Dansk Supermarked Group retail BI

"Our assessment was that users would benefit most from TARGIT. The solution is simply more user-friendly."

Kurt Roland Andreassen, IT System Development Manager

Is there anything worse than a customer not being able to find a desired product on the shelf of your store? Dansk Supermarked Group didn't want to find out. But without a comprehensive BI and analytics solution for retail, they had little insight to when and if that was happening, and what the effect on the business was.

Dansk Supermarked Group is renowned beyond Denmark’s borders, and through two generations, the group has set an international standard for high quality business leadership, healthy business sense, and a special ability to always focus on customers’ needs. The group has also created a unique structure for purchase and sales across the various retail chains that fall under the Dansk Supermarked umbrella.

Because of this, the company had massive amounts of data coming from sales, procurement, and stocks but no way to analyze that data. 

“For anything in the world, we want to avoid that our customers cannot find the needed product in the stores," says Kurt Roland Andreassen, IT System Development Manager for Dansk Supermarked Group. "This is extremely important to us.”

Unlike most major retail organizations, Dansk Supermarked Group houses Procurement and Sales into one function. Therefore, it is critical that purchasers can always maintain an overview of both functions. After evaluating a number of business intelligence and analytics solutions, TARGIT became the clear winner that could deliver everything Dansk Supermarked was looking for.

"Considering the way we wanted to design the data foundation in our data warehouse, we have made the right decision by choosing TARGIT as the supplier of our business intelligence tools," says Andreassen. "We thoroughly evaluated other large business intelligence suppliers, but our assessment was that users would benefit most from TARGIT. The solution is simply more user-friendly.”

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