midwest anesthesia

Midwest Anesthesia Consultants rely on TARGIT for secure, real-time data management for superior patient care.

About the Company

Midwest Anesthesia Consultants is an association of over 100 healthcare providers who rely on the organization’s commitment to quality and comprehensive and compassionate care in the areas of anesthesia, critical care, and pain management. The organization’s extensive team of board certified anesthesiologists is fully integrated into the medical staff at every hospital campus location as members of care teams and governing boards.

their challenges

  • Mountains of patient & facility data needed real-time monitoring & evaluation.
  • Multiple back-end & supplementary databases were not communicating.
  • Two to three weeks were needed to pull a single report.

how we helped

  • TARGIT InMemory delivers reports in seconds.
  • Employees are experts in TARGIT tools thanks to TARGIT U classes.
  • TARGIT seamlessly integrates data from every data source for comprehensive analyses.
Midwest Anesthesia's TARGIT story

"I have a background in computer science, but no other BI tool I’ve used is as fast or as friendly as TARGIT."

Simba Blackman, Healthcare data analyst, anesthesia associates of ann arbor

With a highly regarded reputation for superior care and service, Midwest Anesthesia needed a solution to the mountains of patient and facility data within their systems that needed constant monitoring and evaluation. As healthcare facilitators, security was of utmost importance. And as an organization in which metrics can shift dramatically in an instant, they needed a way to gain insight into their data on-demand and in real-time.

Midwest Anesthesia has a number of back-end and supplementary databases that collect and store information such as patient claims, billing information, patient satisfaction scores measuring services and doctors, and doctor peer quality scores. Years of data is meticulously culled, with 20-30 million rows of data per year. With such a massive amount of data for the system to sift though, Simba Blackman, Healthcare Data Analyst at Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor, says it would typically take two to three weeks to create a single report.

The company turned to TARGIT Decision Suite's analytics for the services industry solution to help them gain better insight into their data. When TARGIT Chief Solutions Architect Boe Pederson got a look under the hood of Midwest Anesthesia’s systems, he knew the best solution for aggregating and visualizing the company’s enormous amount of data would be with TARGIT InMemory, TARGIT Decision Suite’s in-memory solution, powering the data integration into TARGIT Decision Suite.

Blisteringly fast speeds

TARGIT InMemory was designed to take on the challenges of enterprise-level data management and analyses. In addition to the flexibility and scalability of an in-memory solution, TARGIT InMemory lets companies integrate and analyze tremendous amounts of data at blisteringly fast speeds.
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