Nordjyske Medier

NORDJYSKE Medier keeps their finger on the future with TARGIT Decision Suite

about the company

NORDJYSKE Medier is the company behind the media activities throughout northern Denmark. The company runs a daily newspaper, 25 weekly local newspapers, two free newspapers, two radio stations, a television news channel, a telephone directory, an internet portal, and more.

their challenges

  • The company lacked a system that allowed for easy sharing of data
  • The reporting system was cumbersome and inflexible to fit the needs of a modern company
  • Employees lacked insight into customer activities and partner progress

how we helped

  • A 360-degree view of the business has transformed sales, finance, and customer satisfaction
  • Employees have instant access to KPIs that are always up to date
  • TARGIT's self-service analytics were easy for employees in every department to learn and incorporate into their daily workflow

The NORDJYSKE Medier umbrella includes a variety of media sources in both print and digital, which made it increasingly important for management and employees to have access to comprehensive insight into company health. The company needed a way to escape monthly reporting with Excel spreadsheets which were time consuming, cumbersome, and prone to human error for an organization of their size. 

To make up for the limited reporting capabilities in the booking system, employees tried to adjust and sort data in various spreadsheets, but they quickly found that the amount of data was too large and complex.

After kicking the tires on several analytics solutions, the company knew TARGIT Decision Suite would provide easy access to data for employees of every department, regardless of their IT skill level.

"TARGIT was the easiest system to operate, both for developers and users," says Kirsa Christoffersen, Administration and Project Manager at NORDJYSKE Medier. "It met our needs without being too complicated to use."

Since implementation, TARGIT has become an essential part of employees' everyday business routines. Instant insight into KPIs, streamlined financials, and  a 360-degree view of the business has transformed company culture and improved bottom line results. With KPIs available at the click of a mouse, management can instantly assess where the company is in relation to goals and adjust objectives accordingly.

“TARGIT provides full transparency of the sales department’s data," says Christoffersen. "The individual employees now have a much better overview of his or her customer portfolio both regarding revenue, activities, and many other key figures at the customer level. This makes it easy to see where the potential lies. The tool tells us where to make an extra effort.”

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