Weber's cooking with gas thanks to TARGIT Decisino Suite

about the company

The Weber-Stephen Products Co. was founded in 1893 and it is headquartered in Palatine, Illinois. It is best known as a manufacturer of charcoal and gas grills, grilling accessories, and other outdoor products.

their challenges

  • Weber struggled to manage the data from 10 different countries
  • Different currencies and languages made overall transparency impossible
  • Too much time was wasted creating individual reports

How we helped

  • Faster, better reporting led to overall comprehension of entire business
  • Instant access to data led to more streamlined processes and improved productivity
  • Simple consolidation and merging of reports between countries
Weber Grills relies on TARGIT Decision Suite

"We have obtained faster and better reporting, which gives us better analyses of the total business."

Günter Grimm, Manager of Business Administration CEE, Weber Germany

When Weber entered the German market in 2004, they experienced near instant success. Since then, the company has experienced massive growth averaging a 30 percent increase year over year. As the company expanded their European footprint, the responsibility not only of business in Germany, but in central and eastern Europe and Russia fell to Weber Germany executives. Within a few years, Weber Germany employees were struggling to manage the NAV data coming from 10 countries.

Weber was responsible for reporting in to the Corporate European Reporting in Brussels with company data, a Hurculean task considering the different languages, characters, economies, and currencies. With so much changing so quickly and more national affiliates on the agenda, Weber knew they needed a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics for retail system to help them manage the entire business. 

"We spent too much time creating individual reports," says Günter Grimm, Manager of Business Administration CEE, Weber Germany. "Even worse, management had a poor overview of the total business."

Because Weber already relied on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, TARGIT's seamless NAV integration was an easy choice. To start, Sales, Finance, and Logistics data was the focus. It didn't take long for more streamlined processes and data-driven decisions to permeate the company. Weber credits their use of TARGIT on an overall increase in productivity.

"We have obtained faster and better reporting, which gives us better analyses of the total business,” says Grimm. “With TARGIT, we’re getting a clearer and simpler merging and consolidation of reports from several national affiliates. The fact that we’re now able to create reports in a graphical form provides us with a fast and clear overview. And the possibility of individual adjustments for the various departments is very useful to us.”

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