Bianco gets a handle on business with TARGIT Decision Suite

Watch the video case and learn how Bianco uses TARGIT across the entire organization

"Bianco is a very data driven business in general. We use TARGIT in all of our functions – every department from graphics to purchasing can use it. For example, the graphic department uses TARGIT for seeing which individual colors have worked and which hasn’t, if they spot a new color in the market, they use TARGIT for seeing if this color has previously worked. The purchase department can take advantage of the estimates analyses – how many pairs do they need, which style and product is the ones to have in the collection. TARGIT can also analyze on warehouse data – which stores should have more products, another e.g. when a customer calls asking for a specific product, TARGIT analysis shows us which store has this particular shoe. The software also handles management so that the board can discover e.g. KPIs. In the fashion industry it’s all about keeping up and have a finger on the pulse – because of that we are constantly developing our TARGIT solution, if we spot an opportunity for a new feature we want to add, it is almost always possible because TARGIT is so poised to development. TARGIT is a implemented part of Bianco’s daily lives. The collections are rooted in data pulled from TARGIT – this gives the benefit of the availability to see the performance of each product. Bianco also mentions another benefit of using TARGIT is that a lot of processes is automated e.g. collecting of data – this saves a lot of time for the firm".

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