Danæg breaks out of the data warehouse

Watch how Danæg, a leading supplier of convenience egg products to the food industry in Denmark and abroad, uses TARGIT Decision Suite's powerful data discovery tool to harness data from inside and outside of the data warehouse for a more comprehensive view of the entire business.

TARGIT gives DanEgg a more comprehensive view of their entire company. They build their business on facts. For example, the decision making process have become a lot easier – before the implementation of TARGIT, DanEgg had problems with their employees came to meeting with different number because of different ways they have collected data. Today, everyone has the same numbers and data because it is from the exact same source. This has given the company a cost reduction in saving time. A structured BI solution from TARGIT also gives DanEgg gains in e.g. their reporting, it is much more structured now – which makes it a lot easier for the board to find data if they face a critical issue which requires them to react here and now, it is a major boost for the company. The critical issues can almost be solved day-to-day basis because it is so easy for the accounting to extract data from the financial system, and afterward compare it. Furthermore, this opportunity makes it easy to compare financial data with data from another department.
DanEgg is also a heavy user of the TARGIT feature ‘’Data Service’’ – it helps them getting different data into TARGIT and from there to the end user. Data Service builds a bridge between DanEgg’s current financial system and TARGIT – which again have the gain of time saving.

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