Fire Eater goes global with TARGIT

Learn how this technically-grounded company gains valuable insight with business intelligence and analytics to help them expand their global strategy. With TARGIT, Fire Eater experienced a smooth implementation phase and saw quick ROI, above expectations. 

When Fire Eater first started they felt like Excel and other report stuff didn’t really mean anything to them, but they still wanted to be globalized and become more present in the big world, so they decided to hire a professionalized board of directors. The board demanded exactly what Fire Eater didn’t like – Excels, KPIs and reporting. At this time Fire Eater tried to implement a solution which could satisfy the boards wishes – but it failed, it was very difficult for them to gather the data which they needed. Meanwhile they felt like the solutions didn’t gave them any value in the company even though the boards requirements were met. After the implementation of TARGIT the everyday life in Fire Eater got much more positive, they were able to please the board with the needed information and also generate a positive attitude throughout the staff – suddenly they could see values in collecting data. The whole implementation was easy and painless, in about five hours the whole process was up and running, compared to their first solutions which took sixty hours. Another thing the firm point out is how easy it is to use TARGIT – in around twenty minutes all of Fire Eaters data from Navision was in TARGIT. The IT-department from Fire Eater handled everything from data collecting to data structure by themselves – it saved a lot of both money and time.

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