TARGIT Business Intelligence for the Information Consumer

Not only is the TARGIT Decision Suite feature rich for the tech savvy who like to get their hands dirty, but it also has a user-friendly look and feel for the information consumer who needs a fast and comprehensive view of the business. Take a quick tour through this sample retail dashboard to see how easy it is to get a complete picture of the company in minutes.

From the dashboard, TARGIT lets you drill down for greater detail or drill out for a national overview. Users can apply filters for even more detail and see the numbers reflected in real-time in the guages. It's easy for even non-technical users to quickly edit existing dashboards by adding new objects and creating custom groups. These can either be scraped or saved as templates for future use. You'll also see how easy it is to benchmark analytics to see progress and set up alerts and notifications so the right information reaches the right people at the right time. Gauranteed.

trial download cyan

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