BI for Wineries: See How Hess Collection Winery Took Control of Their Depletion Allowances

Depletion allowances can be something of an enigma. You probably know how much you're spending at a high level, but struggle to get to a true net margin by item. Evaluating a particular program’s effectiveness can prove challenging, especially across multiple states. And let's not forget about what a headache it is to approve and enter the chargebacks into an accounting system.

More detailed and accurate information is essential if you want to make the best possible decisions about the allocation of finite wine supplies and financial resources.

Together, The Hess Collection and the Business Impact team developed a solution that not only allows you to track current deals and new deals, but also increases transparency with the power of TARGIT Decision Suite. The system automates the accounts payable process, reducing back office work, while enabling better accuracy and oversight. The ability to analyze all of their programs in detail allows Hess to optimize their spending and get the most bang for their DA buck.  

See a tailored solution for unique winery needs in action: 

  • Depletion data collection, reporting, and analysis: automatically collects distribution and depletion data for comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Allocation planning: never guess when or where to sell
  • Pricing manager and margin analysis: generates market ready pricing for all unique state pricing requirements
  • Promotion optimization: clear visibility into trade spending
  • Retail survey data collection and reporting: know exactly what’s happening at the shelf

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