Increase Business Intelligence User Adoption with Embedded BI

Everyone has their daily business routine. Adding a new process into that might at first seem disruptive, despite whether or not it's good for business. And as everyone knows, the more complicated a process becomes, the less likely it is to be executed.

If you're invested in a business intelligence environment that isn't being satisfactorily adopted throughout the organization, the problem might not be the platform, but the way in which reports, dashboards, and analyses are being delivered.

The solution is to provide access to the right information where people are working. Embedding an analysis on the product card in your ERP system or on the customer card in your CRM system is an easy way to ensure BI is consumed when and where people need it most. We'll show you how we do it with TARGIT Anywhere.

Presenter: TARGIT Senior Solution Architect, Jesper da Silva Endelt

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