Just Announced! Decision Day 2013 Keynote Speaker: David Parmenter

agosto 22, 2013

Back by popular demand in both Copenhagen and the Tampa, Fla., TARGIT Decision Day 2013 is right around the corner. We designed this year’s conference to be the must-attend Business Intelligence and Analytics event of the year. 

We’ve curated as much information and inspiration as we could pack into a single day for TARGIT users, prospective customers, and partners to get the most of their investment with TARGIT.

Not only will Decision Day showcase the new TARGIT Decision Suite 2013, but we’ve assembled a talented line-up of speakers who will cover the new and emerging technologies and strategies within BI and Analytics.

We’re thrilled that this year’s key note speaker is David Parmenter, dubbed the “King of KPIs.” David is an author, facilitator, and presenter who is known for his thought-provoking and lively sessions that have led to substantial changes within organizations around the world.

He’s the man behind some pretty forward thinking regarding business planning and intelligence and we’re excited for him to share that knowledge with Decision Day attendees. Let’s take a quick look inside the head of one of the world’s experts to whet your Decision Day 2013 appetite.

Winning KPIs
David is a leading expert in the development of the most important Key Performance Indicators that should be the focus of businesses. So many businesses today are mislabeling or misusing KPIs, suffering from information overload, focusing on the wrong data, and becoming stuck in the weeds when it comes to monitoring and examining the data that truly reflects the health of the organization.

The right focus on a few select KPIs will align a team, clarify strategy, and bring the steps needed to take to achieve the ultimate end goal more clearly into focus.

The Myths of Performance Measuring
Performance measurement doesn’t necessarily lead to better performance. Balanced scorecards, annual planning, performance-related pay, reporting costs, and monthly reporting could all be encouraging unintended behavior, sending employee performance in the wrong direction.

Or how about have you ever spent months preparing an annual plan only to see that plan disintegrate before your eyes within months as an expected market force changes the business landscape? It happens all the time. “As a process, it encourages dysfunctional budget holder behavior, negating the value of monthly variance reporting and consuming huge resources from the board, senior management team, budget holders, and of course the finance team,” says David. He is a firm believer that replacing the annual organizational planning process with quarterly rolling planning creates a more forward-thinking, adaptable, and ultimately successful organization.

David will be leading three sessions at Decision Day: “Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs,” “Myths of Performance Measurement that Lead to Failure,” and “A Viking with a Mother’s Heart – Leadership Lessons.”

And stay tuned for a more in-depth look of David’s sessions here on the TARGIT blog as we get even closer to Decision Day 2013.

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Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

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